Wedding season is here, we can already hear the wedding bells. It’s time to dress up but, in a city like Delhi where you have so many options from Lajpat, GK, Chandani Chowk to the top most designers…it is very confusing to choose from where to shop for a wedding, be it a bride or her family members.

Don’t panic ladies we are here to rescue you. So, lets see what all you will get from this styling workshop.

How to figure out what is in fashion?

With so many options, it is hard to understand what is in fashion. Our styling experts will guide you about what is trending these days and the styles you should definitely say goodbye to.

As, we all know wedding dresses are worn only once our experts will tell you what kind of dress you should invest in.


Confused what will suit you?

Well, we all are scared to try new trends specially brides because they don’t want to ruin their big day by wearing something that won’t suit them.

We, are here to solve this problem you will get a complete insight about what will look good on you before your marriage so that you can hunt for right stuff in market.

The perfect makeup artist

Everyone knows the fear of trying professional makeup for wedding, what if it’s too loud or it does not suit on my face. But, we can’t deny the fact that makeup if done right can do wonders.

You will get to know what kind of makeup suits you. So, that you can easily explain your makeup artist what you want them to do.



We all know the hustle, when it comes to buying wedding jewellery. It is a huge investment and we don’t want to compromise on quality.

Want to know the best stores in Delhi and where to invest your hard earned money. Then this is the right place.

Hazoorilal legacy jewellery

Hope you liked reading this. We are soon coming up with a wedding styling workshop at HelloMeets

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