GrowthTalks has been the longest format running at HelloMeets since June 2015. We have always got entrepreneurs with quite a successful background in running their respective startup (e.g. MyOperator, MyPoolin, BobbleApp, Splash Math, Curofy, StalkBuyLove and Snapshopr).

This time, we have a founder who first took the step into F&B entrepreneurship in 2012. There is hardly any mention about him in the media except the two rounds of funding that FRSH raised in 2015. He is one guy who could have potentially raised multi-millions given his IIT background. Instead, he chose to find the right investors who understand food business so that he can leverage their help whenever needed.

And here’s why it is challenging to in a space where Badal is, despite running a tight business in the food & beverages married to internet. He has pivoted & scaled & pivoted again. F&B is one of the most challenging spaces to be in and here’s WHY he loves where he is right now:

  1. Internet food delivery is smelling the coffee right now: There has been so much noise about the internet food delivery space in India recently. Internet kitchens, home chefs, restaurant aggregators, hyper-local logistic companies, etc.
  2. Large market size, high year-on-year growth, and repeat consumer behaviour but also very thin margins and large operational challenges. Biggest challenges in this space are consistently good food quality and on time delivery of meals. Not to forget the unit economics involved in acquiring and retaining a customer.
  3. We need to talk about startups! Of course, Startup India Standup India shows that we are partying like 1999 again. After all, the world is changing at an accelerating pace. The internet and mobile computing have taken hold, and it seems like a new era of exponential growth has arrived. In this crazy new world, it seems like just about anyone can build the next billion-dollar startup. Maybe a billion is the new million!

Back in 1995, we saw an incredible wave coming. The Internet. We couldn’t ride the wave then! The food industry today is poised for massive disruption and change. Would you want to miss the next startup wave?

And if you know you aren’t fearful of missing it out, no matter what you do, then you shouldn’t be here.

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