From food and drinks to lifestyle products to travel to activities to shopping. LBB is the all in one stop for a newbie as well as long time resident of the national capital region of India to get hold of everything trending and awesome that can be experienced here. So it was a no-brainer that we had to dig deep and know more about how Suchita CEO and founder and Dhruv Co-Founder and Head of Product drive LBB.

But to our pleasant surprise, we managed to add more awesome friends to our community with this event! Even we were taken a-back when we saw the spark in their heart to make it big in life and the fact that they have already started moving towards their goals. We would like to proudly introduce all these new faces to our community.

Tanvi Bajaj — A veteran in the content industry

Currently the Brand Manager at Kraftly a leading buy-sell portal for unique products ranging from regional handmade showpieces to funky party accessories. She has been in the content industry for the past 3 years now, started with a blog called Masala Latte in 2013, which went on to get shortlisted as one of the top lifestyle blogs of the country!

Post that she was one of the founding members of Shopwati, a funded startup, and was heading the content and marketing department there.

Things she is curious to explore more about:
1) With video content taking over our lives, has the importance of old school textual content actually gone down? Is there still room for text blogs or is it all about vlogs and graphics now?

2) Listicles are everywhere on the internet now, with aggregators like ScoopWhoop coming in the picture. Is the era of quality content over with the focus on attention grabbing, masala, heavy on quantity content being pushed out by these websites?

3) What is it that actually makes content go viral? What is it that ticks with the Indian audience?

Tushar — Proud Rider of the Roller Coaster Ride called Life!

An Engineering graduate from NIT Kurukshetra but a true entrepreneur at heart. Has dipped his fingers in an array of fields ranging from Civil, Mechanical, Electrical finally landed in IT. To sum up in short he has moved to his new venture this February after signing off from his Tech Outsourcing company of over 100 employees. Now he with his 2 co-founders and 7 other teammates are full time focussing on our EduTech product that is called Campify.

Why he opted to come to this event:

In his own words- “Answer to why is firstly the experience I got from attending earlier sessions and my product is also content based so it made sense to me to know how others have tasted success in the industry”

What he wants to get out of the event:

  1. Pointers on how to find a good content analyst.
  2. What should be the ratio of expense for content:tech:infra
  3. How to remove dummy users from the database? also, what should be the time interval to do this activity?

Saurabh Arora — Striving to Make college student’s lives tension free

From Meerut,UP — Founder of University Living Accommodation Pvt Ltd a service which is the one-stop shop for students to Discover, Compare and Book the perfect accommodation during their University tenure from their native country itself. A Buddhist, thinker and Start-up Enthusiast . Looks after Strategic Partnerships, Business Development and Marketing.

In his own words “I have been following LBB for a while now and love the way they have built up there business so I have an urge to learn , discuss and understand the same. I need to ask Dhruv for pointers regarding recruitment of an apt product manager tailored for a content based business model and, to be even more specific, for dealing with International Students!”

Ritika Subhash — A Health and fitness startup in making

An Engineer working in my family business, a mom to a 1.5 year old and a health and wellness enthusiast Ritika surely wears many hats! She want to take the story of her lifelong struggle with weight and health issues to the larger community and empower people to take healthcare in their hands.

I am looking forward to discussing how I can build a content based business with the diverse knowledge that I have regarding health, wellness, workouts, post-pregnancy health care, natural care etc. I already have some thoughts in place and blog quite often on these ideas but want to make a proper business model out of it.

Amit Gupta — Game Developer level over 9000!

A Senior Developer at Myntra. Has a team with him that works on building games for Myntra that are one of their main drivers of user engagement. He is enthusiastic about startups, their journeys and stories.

He says “LBB has been on my radar for a while and I would like to know how they kept building momentum and their community engaged all this while.”

Amanveer Singh

A young individual , learning from the world everyday. Graduated from Delhi university, Digital Marketer from IAMAI , pursuing DBM from Narsee monjee and ex-fellow at Founders Institute. Started first venture early at 19!

Question for the D-day :

1. The most difficult phase of a content driven business is the initial phase, with the chicken and egg problem at every step. How did they manage you gain initial traction and what were some social media hacks they applied at initial stage and during their journey.

2. How can we engage our existing audience to get feedback and find the best fit for our product.

Isha Chopra — Travel is my life!

A travel freak who loves writing on diverse travel experiences. Currently working at Accenture as a software engineer (just for making out her living, no other interests at all). Her dream living lies in being established as a reputed writer and paint the book of her life with less but meaningful and thoughtful words.

Things she is keen to know more about:

“I would like to ask Suchita and Dhruv that how do they select their content? By deciding their target audience or by writing first and then choosing the right audience for it?”

Gaurav Goyal

A pass out of IIT(ISM) Dhanabad. is his second Startup in which they are helping people to get curated looks from offline stores near them by professional Stylists.
I would like to this attend to get deeper perspective on how Content Marketing can help StylSpot and would like to ask Suchita & Dhruv that How we can bring our early users without spending much on marketing.

Sumeet Chilwal

A passout of IIT Dhanbad currently working on as well with Gaurav Goyal

What I want to ask Suchita and Dhruv is that if they were going to start today building LBB from scratch with the first blog how would they start by getting readers?

Nikita Jain

She is working at Snapdeal as Merchandiser (by profession) and content writer (by passion) at my own blog journeYoung 
One thing I would like to ask Suchita and Dhruv is what did they concentrate on the most while taking LBB to next level of reach and audience interest.

So there you have it folks we hope you will have a great experience meeting Suchita and Dhruv as well as all these cool people!

HelloMeets Signing Off!

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