What’s the growing trend in search, are emails sent by you getting noticed, are the users actually turning into your customers and more such questions on what’s and how’s of behavioural analytics were answered on one platform.

None other than the Product Ninja, Mr. Umair Mohammed, Founder and CEO Wigzo was there with our community to discuss the need to analyze how users behave, the ways and means to do so.

Missed out on this? Here, we bring to you some of the key points discussed during the event with him:

Knowing the user

“To understand and know your user, you first need to know ‘Who, What, Where and When’ of the user, which means who your user is, what is the user doing, where is the user doing it and when is the user doing it”, said Umair.

Understanding the User

Importance of why

Another important point he discussed was that we focus on ‘HOW the user landed on our website/app/gaming platform but tend to neglect WHY did he/she land’, finding an answer to this is actually important and useful for a business.

Email Marketing

While talking about Email marketing, Umair said that ‘Email is unique but it also holds a unique challenge.’ How effectively we make use of email marketing is upon us and thus analytics comes into the picture, helping analyze the impact of each email sent. And when asked about email becoming less effective, Umair joked ‘Until and unless facebook stops asking for email-id for login, email isn’t going anywhere.’

Retention Rate of User

Talking about how important is the user retention rate, Umair gave an example of one of his friends who one day proclaimed that the maximum users to his website come from facebook, on the other hand when Umair checked, the maximum users were definitely coming from facebook, though they were only one time users whereas through LinkedIn though a little less number of users were coming, but they were coming back again and again. Thus focusing on the retention rate of users is as important as the number of users.

Talking about some companies which are really doing good in this field, Umair gave an example of Amazon, how if you go home today and search for even something like diapers on Amazon, for the next few days all Amazon will try to sell you everywhere will be diapers.

Understanding The Customer In Order To Retain The Customer

4 types of Analytics

The types of analytics which then discussed were:

  • Descriptive- which means, what is happening now based on incoming data.
  • Diagnostic- a look at past performance to determine what happened and why.
  • Prescriptive- this type of analysis reveals what action should be taken.
  • Predictive- an analysis of likely scenarios of what might happen.

Set of analytics, instead of just one

Last but not the least, Umair focused on how one shop stops are never an answer and how different types of analytics should be used to achieve the ultimate goal of solving the base problem. He also said that ‘In India, we are moving towards an age where Product Managers are not afraid to use different platforms for analysis.’

This was followed by an interesting Q&A session and according to the HelloMeets tradition, a group picture was taken after which people present interacted with one another.

Say “Cheese” :D

If you were there, perhaps you had similar takeaways as ours. If you weren’t there, I hope you’re able to apply some of these tips in your own work. For joining us for the future events, register here.

Blog credits — Niharika Magoo, Content Writer, HelloMeets and Mohd Umair, Founder @Wigzo