One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. — Virginia Woolf

Now this statement is definitely an understatement!

At HelloMeets, we had MisterTikku to teach us the basics of an untapped term called- Food Blogging!

Food Blogging is set to grow 20 times within the next 5 years. Yes, that’s right.

“You eat three times a day. You can write three different pieces daily” says he.

I wish I had some secrets to share but I realized food blogging is some very hard work.

First of all, you must choose your direction. Which cuisine would you like to start with? Or would you entirely go according to the type of food in a particular place? You may even want to follow a specific kind of diet.

Whatever it is that you wish to do, keep your audience in mind. If you cannot please your audience, if you cannot tell them what they want to know, what is the point of blogging about it then? If your audience is Bengali, don’t be afraid to throw in some of that Bengali lingo! Āmāra rasgulla khuba miṣṭi!

These days the biggest problem is that people aren’t picking one domain. Be whatever you are: dessert specialist, Hyderabadi specialist or even a street-food specialist! You don’t want to be jack of all trades and master of none. You need not go out of the way and tap whatever opportunity that comes along; just stick to your expertise and it will go a long way and keep your blog unique!

Never start a food blog for money. Remember you are dealing with people’s health and lifestyle. That is a HUGE responsibility.

Earn your much deserved commission when you are giving out referral codes for your readers. You can use advertising and sponsorship BUT only display products that you actually like.

And of course you can publish content for other companies, magazines and other blogs.

Here are a few pointers for a great food blog-

1. Add some personal tidbits from your life and post it with blog to help readers connect to you and your food.

2. Not everyone will love your writing and photography. Accept it and only make changes if you want to. It is an art form and is subjective in nature.

3. Be authentic. Post about things that you love honestly.

4. Post original content. Okay, so if you haven’t actually been there, then how can you base your judgment on another?

5. Show your personality! Not everyone has invented coconut crème on cheesecake!

6. Keep your site super basic. It should be easy to follow and navigate.

7. Make commenting easy on your site.

8. Don’t sell out. Make money but never post biased content. Once people recognize your fraud, it is difficult to get your readership back.

9. Be social! Your audience will shoot you questions that you should be able to answer.

Remain true to your audience and love your work!

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Blog Credits : Sakshi Kaul, Blogger at HelloMeets