This is a series of blogs for our audience to hack HelloPress. Through this series, we are not only revealing the names of media houses interested to participate in HelloPress Delhi, but also sharing certain PR strategies used by successful startups. We believe PR is not only about raising funds but an important piece of puzzle in the growth story of any startup.

Did you know?

Slack didn’t announce it’s beta release to avoid the perception of a flaky or unreliable product. Instead, they worked closely on their press strategy to announce it’s beta release as a formal launch. On its first day, more than 8000 people tried Slack.

The cat is out of the bag! We are unveiling the names of Media Houses that have confirmed its presence for HelloPress. This is the just the beginning and we have some more exciting names to unveil!

Don’t wait for the last moment and throw something. Put the strings you have. Work closely to find your hook — it could be personalities on your team, impressive customers you already have in your kitty, prestigious investors, etc.

Execute your PR strategy here!

The first two media houses attending HelloPress are Iamwire & Nikkei Asian Review