A startup can teach you alot in alot less time. Being a part of helloMeets has taught us many things.

This year has bought many changes in the way we do things. Till last year, resolutions were a tradition. 2020 showed us our plans are as hollow as our prediction for the future. Rather than making any big plans we decided to reflecting and reviewing our 2020 journey individually and as a lean team.

This activity made us realise how much we have grown, learnt and accomplished.

Here are top 5 learnings from our team-

Iman- Community Meetups Organiser

Iman- Community Meetups Organiser
  1. I'm much more confident than before. I don’t hesitate while trying out new things at work. This year has changed me a lot. I’m a new person now.
  2. I learned how to work as a team. To collaborate and come up with new ideas
  3. There is nothing that you can't do, you just need that spark. Don’t feel shy while trying out new things. Be positive and you’ll soon get what you are looking for
  4. Do your work with full passion, honesty and curiosity. When you'll do that, you will definitely achieve your goals and be eager to work harder.
  5. Never treat your work as a burden. If you are tired, take a few short breaks while working. Listen to nice music and dance if you want to. Calm yourself and start again. It'll make a huge difference.

Krushna- Inbound Marketer and Writer

Krushna- Inbound Marketer and Writer
  1. While learning on the job, don't limit yourself to scarcity and lack of action. Leverage the guidance your leaders, build contacts and networks to create an abundance of ideas. And apply them fast.
  2. The consistency of your output, and incremental gains in your work quality speaks better than your words.
  3. If you’re reading a lot of books and applying them on the job, have a way of showing that socially. It will show your ability to synthesize ideas. Also, it later builds up to having ‘skin in the game’ — where you have credibility because of your work.
  4. Don’t overpromise work output in an area about which you know little. It can cause really huge delays in delivering results. Track your learning and communicate its progress to your team. This way you are setting realistic expectations, and taking actions that really matter to the growth of startup.
  5. Ego or faulty self-image often becomes a barrier to learning new skills. If you have self-limiting beliefs about yourself, your work output and learnings will have gaps. Remove ego. Keep updating your beliefs about yourself, so that your mind can expand.

Hannan- Digital Marketing and Community Manager

Hannan- Digital Marketing and Community Manager
  1. The marks you get in school don't determine your success. What they really do is- build a mindset. A mindset of working under pressure, competing with others and working towards that goal. This mindset will help you in doing your job better and achieving your goals.
  2. Network Effect- It is a powerful thing. It's are hard to replicate, takes time to grow. But when it does, it's unstoppable! Take the internet for example.
  3. Lindy Effect- The longer something lives, the longer it's expected to live. Applies to only non-perishable products.
  4. Your product is as good as your team. And your team is as good as you.
  5. No amount of planning will help you reach your goal until you take action. Be spontaneous, take the first step and don't think twice.  

Sahiba- Founder and CEO

Sahiba- CEO and Founder
  1. Power of compounding - Consistency is the key to everything in life: Relationships, Learning, Branding, Culture, Convincing people, Trust.
  2. Judge actions, not words.
  3. Don’t compromise in hiring and firing. Both hurry and delay will waste your time.
  4. When building a freshers team - be patient, focus on improving one thing at a time. You might have to compromise a bit in the early days while you are building them but building team of freshers has its own advantages. Everything is new to them, they will become what you give them.
  5. Have a personal life. Invest in long term partners who clam you and make you happy. Just like your business, they should require care and time but shouldn’t be demanding. It should be your choice to give what you can.  Having a good partner helps to keeps your mind healthy and do better work.

What's the 1 thing you learnt this year?