This is a not a celebration list. Neither is it a list of recognition. The Women In NoCode Movement is growing into a world-wide phenomenon, with new makers and entrepreneurs joining each day.

The makers and leaders in this blog are changing the world of No Code with their work. They're doing it with grit, discipline, empathy, community and building products consistently.

We’re following them all, to get inspired and learn from their work.

Here’s a compilation of these leaders’ works, their publications and learnings we’ve found recently, to help your no code journey.

  1. Madhuri

A No Code maker, Podcaster and the Co-founder of Xperian &

She's currently building internal & external systems for Xperian, with a vision to make product experiences valuable. She's already shipped 30+ No Code projects since 2018.

Her Learnings: Boosting the speed of learning No Code, by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Check out the integrations she's curated for no code website builders like Webflow and Carrd - here.

2. Janel

One of the most inspirational makers and marketers out there. She is a master of hunting out potentially profitable business ideas, making them into products fast, and building in public.

If you've just begun your no code journey, she's built something that'll help you - - you can get expert feedback on your project under 15 minutes, live.

Her Learnings: How to generate product ideas and learn while building them

Here's Janel's latest hit product – Newsletter OS – a notion dashboard that helps you curate, write and grow your newsletter.

3. Sara

She's a designer and a writer who hosts multiple podcasts that bring humor and learnings to the listeners.

She's built a video-based hiring platform – Helping Creatives – that focuses on people-centric hiring.

Her learnings: How to build your website, in 10 easy steps

You can find some of the most actionable knowledge on her blog too - here.

4. Lacey Kesler

The legendary founder of Women in No-Code. She has co-founded Visual Dev Co. and makes no code tutorials for beginners and intermediate no coders.  

She's building a community of no code makers and is a thought-leader who collaborates with other no code communities on a regular basis.
What's more? She hosts the Visual Developers Podcast.

Her Learnings: Zapier integration tricks you can use for your no code project

5. Sara Du

One of the rising stars in API-based integrations, she's the founder of Alloy Automations – a no code tool for making automated workflows.

This Harvard alumna dabbles in VC at Dorm Room Fund & Sway Ventures. She is an entrepreneur with a keen eye for investment opportunities, design and building high-impact no-code products.

Her Learnings: Which platforms can no code creators leverage for growth

6. Sisa Lleses

A design-thinker and a no-code maker who makes Social Impact-focused products. She leads the team at Design Off The Boat - a crew for all women founders which innovates using no code.

She creates content that enables no code makers and designers to ship products fast and build social impact. Her no code workshops are knowledge goldmines for early no code learners.

Her learnings: How to go about designing no code products with design-thinking

7. Lesley Sim

She is a bootstrapped co-founder, no-code maker, and a writer. One of the wittiest personalities to learn from.

She is currently building The Newsletter Glue - a WordPress plug-in to send posts to email subscribers from inside WordPress.

Check out her newsletter Failing Forward to learn from her experiences that she documents into actionable lessons.

Her Learnings: How to understand customer support and its uses

8. Tara Reed

The CEO of Apps Without Code, she is a pro no-code app maker. She also spreads inspirational lessons through her workshops. She's taken the tech world head-on, while working at Google and Microsoft. And now she's creating more opportunities for women in the no code space.

Her Learnings: What to keep in mind while starting your startup

9. Kara Skrip

She's making no code learning faster for women. A change maker, equity activist and a feminist, Kara gives personalized lessons that anyone can take to start their journey in no code.

Even if you don't identify as a tech person, Kara's teachings can give you the fundamentals to build no code skills. Check out her lessons here.

Her learnings: How to approach no code to learn faster

You'll soon get to meet them in person and learn from them, as many of these leaders will be doing live meetups with HelloMeets!

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