I've subscribed to more than 50 newsletters and they are the ones I find unique. I love reading their work. Newsletters are one of the simplest ways to get your desired knowledge right in your inbox.

These creators are from different domains, have completely different writing style, write on pretty interesting topics.

You will find- marketing, philosophy, transportations, soccer, investment, entrepreneurship, personal growth, Buddhism just to name a ‘few’.

These are some of my favourite newsletter creators. Let’s go-

Rex Woodbury

He writes about consumer tech and Startups.

One essay I loved was The Business of Fame.

He started with the golden age where mystery made celebrities more famous. To showed how it has changed now in the internet age.

Drew Austin

He writes about urbanism, technology, and culture.

My favourite newsletter so far has been Cigarette Beach. Drew writes about how people have been comparing social media with smoking cigarettes and what's wrong with Twitter.

Seb Kennedy

He writes about energy, climate, strategy and investment.

His recent newsletter was Lipstick, meet pig: US frackers’ hopeless ESG beauty parade won’t wash with investors.

There's alot going on in there. I'd suggest to read it yourself.

Sam Sklar

He writes about transport and city planning.

His essay with Jonathan Hawkins on the Past, Present, and Future of Transportation was interesting, funny and relatable.

Ivonne Aldaz

Her essays are all about marketing and branding. They are of perfect length (for me) and easy to read. Meaning- no complex and fancy jargons.

My favourite- How to Appeal to New Consumer Behaviours


He writes about philosophy, Buddhism and entrepreneurship.

My favourite- The Narcissism of Modern Art

Nick deWilde

He writes about productivity, career growth, sensemaking, and the search for meaning.

My favourite- The Social Architecture of Impactful Communities


Her newsletter and blog helps people with chronic illness to live their best life.
I don't have any chronic illness but her writing has helped me to empathise more with those who have.

Insight newsletter

They write about philosophy and real life stories that are intriguing and fascinating.

My favourite story- Being a Vehicle

Ari Lewis

Ari has a blog, newsletter and podcast. He writes about latest industry marketing trends and how companies are branding and communicating their products ad services. He invites ‘entrepreneurs, executives and industry leaders on how they earn attention without paying for it.’

His newsletters are a compression of the blogs and podcasts. So if you want to absorb compressed, nutritious content, subscribe to Ari’s newsletter.

One of my favourite blog is ‘Why Ferrari is the World's Most Valuable Brand’. it talks about the brand’s history, ‘the Ferrari way’, it’s brand and marketing strategy.

Stew Fortier

Stew shares short, highly curated letters every Tuesday. They consist of interesting tweets, articles and Fire TikToks. What caught my eye was a tweet he wrote on ‘trading a grain of rice’

Brett Goldstein

He writes about ‘Social Studies’ behind tech and business. One of his recent edition was about Game Theory, Dan Stern and Tit for Tat strategy.

Jamie Russo

Jamie’s newsletter “Goodnote” is about brands that are making a positive impact around the world through "business as a force for good.” Jamie is all about spreading kindness and good vibes. You’ll find him talking about how big brands are doing it on a bigger scale.

Anuj Abrol

Anuj is building a community of investors. He writes about stocks on ‘Witty Wealth’- his newsletter that makes stock talk fun.

I thought stocks are not my cup of tea. After reading the Witty Wealth, my thoughts have changed.

The essay on Peloton’s branding and marking strategy is an interesting read.


She writes BrainPint. Her newsletter is a curation interesting reads, tools & learning resources that make you ‘smarter’. Her tweets are all about marketing, no-code, business and tech. Intresting stuff.

Janel has also launched a Newsletter Operations System to make newsletter creators’ life a little easier.

BTW there's a newsletter for EVERYTHING! Dolls, sourdough, coffee, AI and Machine Learning. You name and it's there!

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