If you want to stay updated about everything that happens in the world of no-code, no-code development platforms and no-code makers, you're at the right place.

This is an updated list of the best no-code and low-code newsletters.


1. No Code List by Drew Thomas

This will keep you up-to-date on new no code tool releases. You don't have to go hunting for specifications or functionalities by yourself. You'll get 4 new tools every Friday in your inbox, listed with what they can be used for.

Advantage: You can keep exploring and re-inventing your no code tools stack.

No Code List

Drew is famous for other side projects too, like: http://joustlist.com, http://reallysimplestore.com, and http://yesterdaysweather.com

2. Get Stackd Newsletter by Michael Novotny

How do you pick which no code tool to use while making your product? Get Stackd exposes you to no code maker insights that will help you make your ideas into reality.

Advantage: You can get new ideas, fresh data-backed no code insights, and tech stacks used by the best no coders. Get inspired, build better, stay aware.

Get Stackd

Michael is a famous no code maker, and his product Side Project Stack helps no coders get the best tool combinations based on their use cases.

3. The Discourse by Kavir Kaycee

This one comes from a rising no code talent. If you take your product building seriously, this newsletter will equip you with insights that let you walk the talk. Product mangers, designers, CEO & VCs subscribe to this newsletter.

Advantage: You can power up your no code approach with perspectives of business and design.  Apply these ideas and trends to become relevant to startups.

The Discourse

Kavir is a professional product manager who has built for startups. His no code product is spreading daily mental health awareness - The Mind Health app

4. Brain Pint by Janel

Every maker and marketer can learn from this newsletter. It comes from a no code powerhouse herself. The learnings are beyond the general no code news. Every edition of this newsletter is a curated goldmine of interesting reads, tools & learning resources.

Advantage: Become a smarter no code maker. Apply insights from business, tech, strategy & marketing, that build your adjacent skills and perspectives.

A sneak peek into Brain Pint

Janel has just launched her no code product – Newsletter OS. It is a dashboard that helps newsletter creators to write, curate & grow their newsletters.

5. RadReads Newsletter by Khe Hy

This newsletter is for those want to learn from the best entrepreneurs and creators. It packs new ideas about work and life. It is also brings insights from Khe's interviews with leading creators.

Advantage: Get applicable knowledge to handle money, creativity, frameworks of productivity

A sneak peek into RadReads newsletter

6. Mind & Machine Newsletter by August Bradley

To keep up with the rapidly changing tech, we need to constantly re-shape our systems of thinking. This newsletter equips you with mental models, insights, learnings to direct your transformation better.

Advantage: A systems thinker and Notion expert writes this newsletter. Get ready-to-apply models of thinking and building.

The Mind & Machine newsletter

7. NoCode Devs Newsletter by NoCode Devs

This is more than a newsletter, its a community speaking to you. Each issue is loaded with the latest know-how, use cases, news, features and more.

Advantage: Get a consistent stream of usable content & news. Up your awareness and no code game with every issue.

A sneak peek into NoCode Devs newsletter 

HelloMeets NoCode community is also rising, and we're exploring more helping content! What's more, we're bringing no code experts from around the world on live meetups every month!

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