We turned 5 on 22nd May but I couldn’t prioritise to share a story on time this year.
Last year I shared this story:

4 years of HelloMeets 🍾📈
This month marks the 4th year anniversary of HelloMeets, a startup which began after I had the below conversation with our advisor, Vishal Chandra at Barista, SDA Market (New Delhi) in February 2015…

It covered 13 learnings on building an offline community, a team of volunteers in 3 countries and 8 cities, psychology, life and more.

The major takeaway was:

“We arrive at a learning and find the answer. But that answer changes as we grow. There is no right or wrong answer.”

This time it’s very different.
I have realised the game is about understanding fundamentals of everything and standing for something. I will share what I want out of my life, my choices and principles.

1) Help people - Do something impactful

I don’t want to make filters/stickers/makeup for people. None is wrong. But my choice is making something which helps people grow - learn, evolve & not which makes them wrong addictive & depressed.

2) Compete with yourself, never compare or go into win/lose games

It’s good for individuals happiness as well as a startups.This will help you stay authentic as well. And being authentic is the biggest competitive advantage.

3) Look at everything and everyone as a long term game

Idea is to put little efforts everyday at work and towards people. Make sure you keep going and don't stop.

4) Habit of Patience and Consistency leads to Compounding wonders for you

Years of consistent hard work will look like magic to everyone.

Wait for the time when everybody thinks it's too easy and when they try doing it, they wonder how you do it.

5) Consistently keep:

a) Doing (MOST LEARNING FROM HERE then b & c in decreasing order)
b) Consuming - books, podcast, good conversations & more
c) Thinking (Reflecting)
Our learning comes from these 3 in this exact order.

6) Things you should Mug up when you start your journey

a) There is no right or wrong b) Everything & everyone keeps changing c) Never judge any person or work
Why I am saying to mug up?We only understand once we do things ourselves. We can only know them before not understand

On a b & c -  They will help you be less biased in life, look at things in many ways, understand things don't happen only because of 1 factor or the we ones can see
We can see what we can actually see or ur worldview is. Knowing we don't know everything is an important life insight.

7) Point 6 will help you being good at changing and people who are smart and timely at changing win

8) Psychology is really important

The best way to learn psychology is building a community of people you love to hangout with. This will help you in getting done everything you want.

9) Copywriting

Words are very important and if you become good at 8), you will become good with words.

10) Hire like a very good investor

Take time, check people, make friends & if they are good but lack a few things at that moment, it's fine.
They will do well if they have the desire

Our hiring process should look like a strict college entry & once they are in have fun.