In the former Growth-Talk event with BobbleApp last year, HelloMeets community learnt that achieving huge numbers in the App space is no magic but actually a simple combination of tricks that can be achieved through experience or more quickly through learning from a veteran player.

Since those initial 5 months, BobbleApp has grown not just in numbers but also in it’s ways of conducting business. This is clearly evident by the fact that from 3,500,000 users in the first 5 months they have reached 5,000,000 till now!

They have got more than 3,00,00,000 faces bobblified and 2,00,00,000 of their stickers are shared every month! Its not a surprise based on the above statistics that it is currently the #1 stickers App in both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Just search for stickers and you’ll know.

There is a term called “User Acceptance Lag” which simply means that even though one’s product/service is worthy of mass attention it might not get it owing purely to bad luck. BobbleApp has successfully destroyed this which clearly means they have some more tips and tricks that we all would love to know about!

They are headed for new lengths of success in the international market as they have recently launched and personalized content in 10 other countries after India itself.

Come down to OneInternet, Connaught Place at 4PM to check out the what all BobbleApp is using to write a new chapter in the growth-hacks segment!

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