Have you been the one who can whip out the most awesome cake out of nowhere on the weekend?
The cookies you made disappear like you never made them in the first place?
Does your cooking leave people rejoicing?

We don’t have to say it, you know you are good at baking and cooking and you know that it is your passion, you love it too. It’s hard though leaving that well paying job and those things that keep you busy? Life happens as you just spend all your time ‘thinking’ that you would like to get into the food business because that is where your creativity will be satisfied. We know all of us can’t just quit everything and start from scratch. You need a strategy and guidance. To help you with that we have organized a Hello Bakers meet, an event where bakers, home chefs get together with aspirants to impart their knowledge about what goes into making it in the business. To knead the dough you need to know not just the cooking part but also how to turn it into a successful business. Getting paid well and becoming successful for the value you’re adding and the products you’re providing is only fair.

You are welcome on the 19th of December at the Founder’s Cafe to join an excited group of people who are passionate just like you and connect with them. Get into the network, make connections and surely you will be able to devise the correct strategy while you get the right guidance.

Speakers —

Vandana Minotra

Baking since she was a little girl, Vandana is a Delhi based baker who churns out amazing designer cakes, cupcakes, tea cakes and cookies. Her audience motivates her. She believes in quality ingredients. She also works as a consultant and moonlights at her home based bakery called ‘Piece of heaven’ to provide the best her audience desires.

Deepika Vij

Starting a decade ago with her sister-in-law she runs a successful home based bakery called Dark Secrets. It all started with learning how to make chocolates, one thing led to another and with hard work and hustle they started doing all kinds of desserts on orders. Operating for a huge audience that grows solely by word of mouth you have to consider that they deliver quality.

Date: 19TH December, 2015

Time: 4PM to 6PM

Venue: The Founder’s Cafe, Plot no. 2, Shambhu Dayal Bagh, Kalkaji Road, Okhla Phase III

Originally published at medium.com on December 7, 2015.