Our Multitalented Community Member

HelloMeets just had its first anniversary, in this one year, we have been blessed to successfully fulfil the goal of bringing like-minded people together.

But what motivated them to connect with us and come to our events back to back?

You don’t spend your precious time and money or anything that doesn’t add value to your life, right?

We believe the true value in any community happens when members share with one another. Were we able to achieve this goal?

Who better to answer this question than our beloved community members. First one being, Devika Das, a content writer and now a published author who first joined us for our event- Unicorn Opportunities on Hyperlocal startups, in her own words ‘ HelloMeets has been lucky for me, from getting my current job to launching my book, it has played a great role in it.’

Curious on how? Let’s see Devika’s journey and HelloMeets’s part in it:

From working for the benefit of slum children to doing MBA in marketing to settling with her love for content. Devika was first introduced to HelloMeets by her college mate and friend Aditya, who says, “I first attended the HelloMeets event with Dr. Ritesh Malik and there was no looking back then, I was going to be a regular face at your events. Thus, I referred HelloMeets to Devika as well, in no time she too was smitten by HelloMeets.”

Sahiba & Devika

Devika added, “When I was introduced to Sahiba, Co-Founder HelloMeets she was looking for an editor for her book, eventually I agreed to edit the book and in the process got to meet some great entrepreneurs like Parth Saxena from TommyJams, Ankit Jain from MyOperator, Sahil Dharia from Soothe Healthcare and so on, which was an enlightening experience for me, an opportunity to hear, record and learn from their journey”

When asked about the story behind her current job, Devika explained “I met this friend in the event Jet Set Hire and we connected after that, he referred me to his ex-company for a job, I was quite skeptical at first on joining an MNC, I knew nothing about the culture they follow but when he encouraged me, I gave the interview and was given the offer letter on the same day. Today, I’m so happy with my job and love working there.”

Devika recently launched her book named ‘7 Vows of Marriage’. We went to congratulate her for the launch, there Devika shared, how HelloMeets has been instrumental in getting her book published and launched. She said “Tanmay (Co-Founder, HelloMeets) got me in touch with the publisher pothi.com and Sahiba(Co-Founder, HelloMeets) played a great role in connecting me with Ankush from Innov8 Coworking to facilitate the Delhi Book launch.

When asked how she landed the Jaipur book launch opportunity, which was such a huge success, she replied ‘The Jaipur Book Launch was at Sattviko’s Creative Hub, in one of the HelloMeets event, I got to know that Prasoon Gupta , Founder Sattviko was looking for artists, authors, musicians etc for his creative hub, I instantly grabbed the opportunity and contacted him, rest is history, the book launch was just a few days back and it went amazing, The Sattviko team took care of each and everything, I didn’t really have to handle anything.

Wow, the power of meeting and connecting with people is really amazing, you just need to grab the right opportunity.

Devika also added “The journey with HelloMeets not only helped me professionally but I also made a lot of friends here, Shobha, Anand Prakash, Anand Madhav, to name a few.

Friends for life

Anand Prakash even helped me in building my personal website and Anand Madhav helped me by promoting my plays and getting some tickets sold. (Yes, didn’t we tell you Devika is an amazing theatre artist!) This is how together we have built a community that encourages and helps each other.”

When asked about some message that she would like to give to the fellow community members, she said “ Keep up the spirit of meeting and helping others, bring value to the community and HelloMeets is a platform where you all should contribute and learn from.”

We thank Devika from the bottom of our heart for contributing so much to the HelloMeets community and wish her all the best for all her future ventures.

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Blog Credits : Niharika Maggo