The following is a brief introduction of some of the creative web-developers and tech enthusiasts attending this Sunday’s Django workshop.

They chose to go for a crash course over free online resources because of the simple reason that this method of learning is for the people who want to be one step ahead of the curve.

Read along to get familiar with the new faces you will be getting aquainted with in the Hellomeets community this Sunday:

  1. Vandana — A knowledge gathering web-exploitor

Currently working in TCS as an Associate System Engineer-Trainee. She knows how to exploit the web to get things done. She learnt PHP and set up two websites from scratch all by herself! So it was natural that she wanted to get set into Django.

She is keen to learn :

  1. How Django is better that other web framework?
  2. What are the features available in Django?
  3. How to setup database in Django?
  4. What Django template consists of?

2. Karan-Yet another Web-development maverick in the making!

Currently pursuing in information technology he wants to cover up the back-end segment of web-development get a good grasp on how to blend html, css with python.

He is keen to learn :

  1. Can django also help in designing the UI of the website or what all can I do after I have learnt Django?
  2. What is the future of django in web development?
  3. What other things, similar to django should I learn after the workshop?

3. Janardan- The bridge between Tech and Business

Started his career as .NET developer from HCL thereafter started a company in technology with his colleagues and was handling client relationship, product managment, etc. after couple of years got interested in the profile of a Business Analyst. A college dropout who completed graduation from distance learning and now doing MBA Distance Education from BVP. Now his creative mind has found home in ideas back into technology hence to nurture those little seeds he wants to develop in python. He made the best decision for his situation as Django will be the most suitable for him to get back in the game after a long span of 3 years.

He is keen to explore:

  • More about the cool projects Akanksha executed in python.
  • Post class support in case I need her help in my projects.

4. Pradhvan

A CS Sophomore but prefers being called a self-taught developer . He is a pythonist and an open source enthusiast. It only made perfect sense that he wanted to move forward in Django as he cited that it was pretty obvious for him and we agree to it.

Things he wants to ask Akanksha are:

1) For how long have you been using Python ?

2) Django is for backend development , what would you suggest we should do for a better front end design ?

3)Windows or Linux what would you prefer and why?

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