From a veteran entrepreneur to a marketing genius at a telecom company we have an awesome crowd gathering for our Email Marketing event!

Here are a few of all cool people you will meet tomorrow:

Akshay Chauhan — Born leader

He is the Co-Founder of Foodstalking. Before this, had started a couple of Startups, majorly in e-commerce, out of which one is still running, but has quit as an active role from there.

As per me, E-mail marketing is very challenging looking at the current scenario, And also I was under an impression that E-mail marketing is a dying digital tool, so I am very excited to attend this workshop to prove myself & my perceptions wrong, because if it’s really wrong then it would be a huge benefit for my business.

Ravi Taneja — Marketing the right way

He is working for a Telecom company in marketing department and is looking forward to understand concepts of email marketing. He is also initiating a logistics startup for which promotions will be taken care by himself.

Probably the questions would be end to end about email marketing and I may come up with few questions during interaction.

Deepak Singh — Yet another marketing maverick to join us

Marketing manager at plix he likes to keep himself up to date in the fields he deals in. Hence to get update with the current trend of email marketing and what is the best way to do for his company plix he is excited to join us.

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