From the very first board that Steve Wozniak designed to the truly revolutionary Apple 2, he was the genius behind Apple’s early success.

Di-spite being late to the “social-networking game”, Facebook stole the crown from MySpace and Friendster and the rest is history!

While the former thrived on an original idea, the latter did the same through great execution and stellar marketing.

5,000,000+ users in the debut year, more than 30,000,000 faces bobblified and 20,000,000 bobble stickers are getting shared every month. These impressive numbers are of an app called BobbleApp — that lets you create a “Bobble” — a sticker with your face on it!

The HelloMeets community got to know what hacks drive those numbers from Abhishek Goyal, User Behavior Analyst at BobbleApp.

So lets get right into it! How they executed this idea and what experiences helped them along the way?


1. Universal Keyboard

This is probably their biggest hack. We all use a limited number of Apps. BobbleApp has integrated its stickers keyboard within WhatsApp and Facebook messenger etc that are a part of our everyday life hence we end up using Bobble.

Bobble Keyboard on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and a notes app — The Bobbles are in image formats

2. Constantly new content — Bobble Stories

They make sure that they have new “Bobble Stories” to give yet another reason to re-engage with their app.

3. When data science came to rescue

Experience 1:

A button on our website was not displaying properly for a phone of a particular screen-size. None of the users mentioned this in their feedback. Thankfully we were tapping on the events generated by the users (data) and through that we noticed that users with such phone sizes are clicking abnormally more than others. Now we could easily resolve this issue.

Experience 2:

We gave the users an option to erase unwanted parts of their selfie. We kept an eye on what were the common things users were editing in their selfie. We did this to improve our algorithm of making a bobble. So when that happened we removed it from the app.

In the next few weeks the number of people who were reusing our app to make bobbles dropped a lot. On observation (using data analytics) we understood that the users were using the eraser to draw some art over the bobble. Therefore they bought back the eraser.

4. Right Timing

Could Steve Wozniak’s operating system and legendary logic board exist if there were no TV screens and/or keyboards?

Could Mark Zuckerberg think of Facebook if there was nothing like the internet?

The simple answer is NO!

Similarly here:

  1. People adopting online-chatting as a preferred way to communicate,
  2. The need for more expressiveness and personalisation in it and
  3. The invention of selfies

were the prerequisites necessary for BobbleApp’s success!


So the next time you have another crazy idea that sounds like science fiction of this decade it may be the next big thing that just requires the technology to catch up on! ;)

P.S. Who would have thought a few decades ago that we will be exploring our world through immersive screens placed right next to our faces!

P.S. Who would have thought a few decades ago that we will be exploring our world through immersive screens placed right next to our faces!

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Author : Nitin Joseph, Content Writer @HelloMeets