Speed-date in action at Amazon, New Delhi

Our team today came together to create a beautiful experience for our users and customers that builds an everlasting relationship. We are making the world meet over meaningful conversations, one event at a time. Delivering a promise is half the equation, how we fulfill it is equally important. We have always tried to understand the core issues before committing to a promise.

If you have ever been involved in recruitment for a while, would you agree that you overlook resume? Especially if you are a startup founder with a team. In the early hay days, one tends to go through every word of CV so that he doesn’t miss the next best in town!

CVs are passe now! And so are JDs — isn’t it redundant after reading the two most important lines in it? Startups believe in applied knowledge and your ability to learn/ adapt quickly. So we came with an event to experiment with no resume/ CVs and no JDs. Let the candidates introduce himself in 90 seconds than a piece of paper.

We brought startup-ready talent and 17 startups together at Headstart Higher: Powered by HelloMeets for jobs in a speed-dating set up to create a lot of opportunities in a single day. Hiring in a speed-dating format is a broad platform where startups meet people beyond its immediate requirement that makes the event different than any other hiring event. A founder (or cofounder) is always the apt guy to identify a potential hire months ahead of time. Hence founders are encouraged to participate in such events. While an HR will always look for an immediate hire based on current requirements of the company. Vishesh Bajaj, Founder and CEO of Geobeats, wasn’t prepared to hire tech interns but ended up making his mind to hire one after 3 months.

Speed dating is always a surprise package in either ways. Either you’ll be shocked or amazed. Startups should know their near future requirements to get the best out of the meet. This is a highly curated event where not only the startups but also the invited candidates pay to participate because they would never find so many opportunities under one roof in span of few hours. We set a stiff filtration process before the candidates are sent an invitation.

The mix of startups makes it interesting and unique for candidates to network with founders of fast-growing startups one-on-one. The funding stage of 17 participating startups varied from bootstrapped to series B. And mix of candidates varied from tech interns to freelancers to full timers. A good handful of them ended up getting on an average 3–4 calls for next round of talks. On an average each startup ended up calling 5 candidates for next round of talks.

Today is only the beginning of our adventurous journey to make lives better for all who come across HelloMeets. We are here for an everlasting relationship.