Hello Coffee-Lovers, we are here with a coffee meetup just for you guys. So, if you love conversations over coffee and meeting new people this workshop is for you.

We are building a community of coffee lovers to meet, greet, have coffee together and discuss ideas.

Why you should join us?

Get to taste different types of coffee

From Cappuccino and the Americano to a Caramel Macchiato you will get to taste many more types of coffee.

History of coffee!

Also get to know about different frothing and coffee making techniques

Meet people

Confused Sandals

What is better than meeting people with similar mindset, you will get to meet coffee enthusiasts. This will be a great opportunity to make friends, relax and have discussions on any random topic.

Benefits of coffee

Get to know about various health benefits of caffeine in detail.

Some of our upcoming events are here. Looking forward to meeting you and making new friends :)

Tea with Strangers | To be announced

Bloggers meetup | 6th November | 3 pm to 6pm

Wedding Styling meetup | 12th November | 11 am to 1 pm

Makeup Workshop | 13th November | 11 am to 1 pm

HelloHackers | 12th November | 5 pm to 7 pm

Blog Credits :- Simer Sethi, Marketing at HelloMeets.