Design is critical to reaching your business goals and turning users into customers, so we have come up with a workshop for you on “Problem Solving through Design”.

Rahul Bhadauria, will be joining us for this workshop. He’s presently working at Roposo, and is ex Housing and ZoRooms designer. His expertise is UI/UX, creating user interfaces, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, illustrations and graphics for android and iOS App and website.

Problem Solving with Design by Rahul Bhadauria

What all will be discussed at the workshop?

What all will be done hands at the workshop?

  • App for designers to chat about design
  • Onboarding of an e-commerce App
  • Event discovery & booking App

(You’ll be choosing one of the above to do hands on practice)

Note: The workshop is limited to first 10 registrations so we are really sorry for not being able to accomodate the ones who are missing this time.

Wish to meet you at the next HelloDesign workshop.

Well, here’s a glimpse of a few community memebers joining us for HelloDesign at it’s first hands on workshop:

Abhinav Paitandy

I’m currently leading the UI/UX projects at MapmyIndia, with about 5 years of experience in UI/UX design, across Media, IT, Outsourcing, e-commerce, and service domains.

Questions for Rahul:

1. You have worked in 3 different sectors, what did you learn in each, and how you applied it to your next workplace(limited to Design, leadership and management only!)2. How did you handle feature creep?
3. Often design efforts are overshadowed by business goals, what have you learnt from the industry and what would you teach us about it?
4. Between KISSMetrics, NPS and HEART, what do you prefer? Or all
5. Investing in design tools is often a big business decision, so how would you convince an excel loving boss to buy principle/sketch and/or a InVision/UXPin account?
6. What learnable changes did you see when applying NPS at Housing/Zo/Roposo?
7. Perfection/Packaging what do you recommend in terms of UX/UI? which has higher priority?
8. What are the key points and principles that you followed while building your design team?
9. UX Management: How would you recommend handling business goals at the cost of creating ux pit falls?
10. Case:
You have designed a Enterprise SAAS product, and have created a self-learnable on-boarding experience for the product users, which kinda creates a USP of the product. However due to cost over-runs the management decided to scrap the on-boarding related development time/cost resource.
A. What key features would you now add/remove to help the user? (Note: a user wiki is already present)
B. How would you use any Metrics like NPS, to pitch to the management, creation of a better user on-boarding experience? and how it will impact the ROI w.r.t to user training?

Pranu Sarna

I am a JS developer and a UX designer currently interning as UX designer at Roposo

You can know more about me here:

I would love to ask Rahul about his design process.

Gaurav Gulati

Product Manager at

I started my career with Infosys as a mainframe developer. Joined MBA course after gaining 33 months of experience and then joined ICICI Bank as a Relationship Manager (HNI clients). Switched sector and joined foodpanda as a key account manager (marketing)at Foodpanda and recently joined as a product manager.

What all I want to know at HelloDesign?

1) What thought process should be followed to ensure better user experience and ensure differentiation? Given that customer is used to a certain flow, especially in e-commerce sector.

2) How to approach design to ensure consistent user experience across devices viz mobile tablet desktop? Given the fact that resources are limited.

Shreevar Goel, Vice President (Head — Get Online Studios)

Get Online Studios: A sales & marketing program for small & medium IT & Digital companies. We dont merely refer a project but assist in closure & project management.

Its part of SME Networks which is a customer acquisition platform for various types of service providers.

And previously I have worked in the Marketing & Lead Management team at Carwale. I was responsible for conversion optimisation for some of the leading auto brands and EY as part of the Risk Advisory team, we did Business process audits & optimisation in the form of standardised process documentation & insight gathering.

Why am I attending this workshop:

  • Keen interest in Interaction Design & Usability studies
  • I want to learn about his journey so far. Really interested to know how Rahul Bhadauria became a self taught designer without having any formal education in design?
  • What role does analytics play in interaction design. How can we leverage on that?

Aakriti Singhal & Sonal Shah

Aakriti — I am contributing as a project manager at 1THING Design & Innovation ( A research focussed and a design problem solving company).

Previously, I was engaged as a Senior software engineer with Infosys,Tech Mahindra.

Gradually, the love for design(UX & UI) and a chance to get associated with 1THING, pulled me from a technical background to an immensely creative one .

Transforming projects into useful and crisp products , is what I am passionate about.

Sonal — I am contribtuing as a Visual Designer at 1THING Design & Innovation.

Two years back, I started my design journey with Systematics Infotech, Indore.

Creating a picture perfect and a user friendly design , is what I am passionate about.

Together, we’re looking forward to experience HelloMeets , to get insights into the design solutions offered by people out there in the world and to meet some brilliant people , for whom design is just not the word but a rightful solution to the product problems.

Sanjiv Soni

I am an aspiring developer, 3rd year BTech CS and recently learning iOS App development.

I hope that after tomorrow’s work shop I will learn about making UI and UX better with some inputs from Mr. Rahul. I don’t have very specific questions because I am new to this field, therefore expecting to learn some new things like problem solving with design.

Aishna Ohri and Raveena Mathur

What all we want to learn at HelloDesign tomorrow?

Q.1 Ecommerce specific UI design- Right now through the site traffic we see products added to the cart. But, no checkouts. That is people are not willing to pay. Can it be a UI issue? How can the site be bettered from this perspective through UI?

Q.2 Our pipeline projects- App design and development. We want to create a brand specific design for our marketplace. So, from UI design perspective what or where are the key areas to do that?

Ankur Arun

I, graduated from SSCBS, Delhi University in 2003 and spent my time in financial services till 2014. Thereafter the startup bug bit me and I started with my school friend cum lawyer. We recently got funded by Mumbai Angels.

3. I am their to gain an insight on the new trends in UI / UX as of now.

For Eg: Whatsapp succeeded and Skype failed for a simple reason that skype required a login while whatsapp was just touch and start chat.