There’s no reason to not take the side projects seriously. Many successful startups started as side projects and so will they.

Here are some of the side projects our community hackers are working on:

  1. NewsMeme — short videos for news and events summary.
Team at NewsMeme — Saurav Tomar, Cofounder and CTO at and Anand Prakash, CEO at

‪NewsMeme, made by Anand Prakash and Saurav Tomar , a web app for short video news and event summary covered in 30sec. It’s done by only adding 30 Sec voice narration and 6 photographs on NewsMeme dashboard and their ‪‎Python script automatically generates 6 images and voice narration in video format and it gets published on Facebook page.

Regulator TRAI Sides With Net Neutrality, Bans Different Data Prices For Content

2. CollegeGapp — Connecting colleges.

CollegeGapp is a one-stop platform to connect college level events all over Delhi. No more following threads on facebook or searching and scraping for events.


They are small team of 5 people with 2 co-founders from NSIT, Prabhakar Gupta and Swati Garg. Swati handles the complete android part and Prabhakar is everything officer, be it handling the servers to going to different Business plan competitions.

Check out more here: App Link LinkedIn Website

3. Village Connect — Making internet available to people with no internet connection.

In a world that is getting exceedingly connected via social media while succumbing to the marvels of internet and technological innovation, it is a matter of grave concern that more than half of India’s population is still deprived of internet access. Keeping in the mind the vision of “Digital India”, they made a platform, Village Connect which helps people living in rural areas of India with limited Internet access get access to the Internet.

It basically consists of a system where one person, who is financially more stable and can afford a good Internet connection, has their platform installed on his computer, following which, every person in the village simply needs to connect with that computer — wirelessly or with a wired connection. This may sound a bit complex, but once the setup is complete, people can enjoy numerous services offline without having to pay anything.

It was built by two people Prabhakar Gupta and Sahil Dua. Prabhakar being a junior year student and Sahil a senior year student, both from NSIT.

. Prabhakar, a junior year student and Sahil a senior year student, both from NSIT.

Check out here: DevPost Github

Communicating with each other over the interweb, without internet

wow such cool projects are being build by the hackers at college and you know even the school kids are no less. They are even cooler and cofounding startups with angel investors :)

4. Proximity App — Find your friends when you travel.

It’s run by Tanay Kothari, a class 12th DPS, R.K Puram student along with Arjun Malhotra, an entrepreneur and an angel investor and Ishaan Parwanda , founder at Trinity Touch which deals with solar energy.

, founder at Trinity Touch which deals with solar energy.

Proximity lets you easily ping your friends when you travel to their city — whether you knew they were there or not! You can also find friends-of-friends when you visit new cities. You can choose to share your travel plans seamlessly through social media allowing friends across the world to find you!

Know someone on the ground and travel like a local: No more “missed interactions” when you’re globetrotting.

  • Proximity pings friends when you when you arrive in their city.
  • Proximity shows you which friends you have in common in the city you’re travelling to.
  • Easily catch up with old friends or colleagues.
  • Seamlessly share your trips through Email, Facebook and Twitter

Keep coding friends.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” — Chris Grosser.

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