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I recently read a blog by Carrie Melissa Jones on CMX.

The blog threw light upon how a community (in this case MassRoots) when gets together can really influence & bring about huge changes in society and affect some major decisions.

Not only that, community has helped change policies at companies like Apple, and helping to change laws all over the United States.When Airbnb relaunched their brand, 80,000 community members created their own versions of the logo and helped come up with the new one. This clearly highlighted what Airbnb stands for “Belong Anywhere” — anyone can belong anywhere.

So how do these guys do this ?

Before I begin with what happened here’s a brief about the community we’re talking about today.

MassRoots is the largest community of cannabis (also known as marijuana, is a preparation of the Cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug or medicine) users today, with over 325,000 members

What happened?

Last year Apple arbitrarily removed MassRoots App (where the best medical marijuana products are discovered and shared by the cannabis enthusiasts who have experienced them first hand) from the AppStore. For months, the team tried to solve this problem but in the end turned to their community. Their community turned to Apple and within weeks the app was back on the AppStore. That is what real influence is.

Lets find out how MassRoots created such a Community?

The key is in creating a cycle of giving that promotes community engagement.

1. You provide the value, the tools, the product first

— Create a Community Space — From the very beginning they shared an intimate relation with the users. Their users tagged them and they always responded to all the comments and emails.

— Give Gifts — They used to mail t-shirts to their early app users. Started with one $5 t-shirt and a few 10-cent stickers. To this day, they continue to give generously to their core members, social media followers who interact with them, and event attendees.

— Plan events — to engage the community

2. Asking for Help

When they asked their community for help they realised that the results of asking for help from the larger community are three-fold:

  1. You create a bonding moment — a shared emotional experience
  2. You give people a chance to solidify their commitment and feel a part of something much larger than themselves.
  3. You get to tell an amazing, press-worthy story.

Their first task was to message everyone who used MassRoots, their community members, directly. They did a huge push, sending out notifications to all their users.

- The results were enormous: of their membership of about 175,000 at the time, over 10,000 people sent emails to Apple in over 23 states. That’s about 4,000 people in every state, taken on average.- Their second task was to reach out to the business voices in their community, those who were tied to powerful people in powerful places.

Almost immediately, the app was reinstated.

3. Thanking and Giving Back — with a Public Offering

After being reinstated, they thanked their community for the engagement on their social channels and sent out personal emails too.They also went back to their roots and sponsored big events.

The plan from the beginning has always been: “this is a vehicle for legalization,” Stewart Fortier, MassRoot’s co-founder and CTO says. “We’re going to build this community and activate them around election season. Get them out to the polls.”

Wouldn’t it be great if your community could make it possible to do what once seemed impossible??

How do we do this? Looking forward to hear your comments below. Hope you liked this, if yes :), do hit the ❤ button below.

Here’s the original blog: How 325,000 Pot Smokers Changed Apple’s Policies Forever

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