When I came to HelloMeets on my first day, I had no idea what role I’d be playing. I had heard so much about the startup work culture and I was curious to explore, I was excited with just the right amount of anxiety.

While looking for internships I had one thing in mind — To meet new people. I have been an introvert and shy person my entire life, so HelloMeets seemed a perfect start for me.

The best things about my stint with HelloMeets was that apart from my regular work on weekdays, I got to attend workshops on various tech and non-tech skills through the weekend.

I learned a great deal in the workshops and more importantly got to meet and interact with experienced and learned people. The speakers were inspiring and knew what they were talking about. Also it was great to interact with my fellow attendees which helped me expand my network.

I attended seven events throughout my term. All of them were quite useful to me, some more, some not so much, but I gained something or the other from each event.

The events were diverse, ranging from Android Library to Content Marketing. Here are my takeaways from the events —

  1. I got to know some basic Android Studio knowledge, which might come in handy sometime. Thanks to Yogesh Balan. This was also my first workshop. :)
  2. I learned some Parse basics, which could be very helpful while developing a mobile app. The backend development gets much easier with Parse. Tanay Kothari handled it well.
  3. In the coming workshop, I got to know about Google Analytics . This was very helpful because through this tool, one can easily handle statistics and in turn improve the website. Credit to Sunny.
  4. I also learned about how designers and developers should work together to produce best results. Rahul Bhauduria also taught us various prototyping tools which is extremely useful.
  5. Content Marketing was very well covered by Nalini Kher. I missed most of it, but the exercise at the end was exciting and valuable.
  6. I also got acquainted by a few Finance and Legal terms, thanks to Karan Malhotra.
  7. My last workshop was beneficial as well as I recently conducted a user survey for a startup. I got know how to conduct proper User Research, and how to interpret the survey results. Anushree also told us how to use them for the UX improvement.

Moving on to how I contributed to HelloMeets. I didn’t have many skills which could be put into use and neither did I have the time to learn, so Sahiba, the Founder (who had been very supportive throughout) asked me to write blogs and brought out the hidden blogger inside me. Four of my blogs were published in popular blogs Prototype.io and Hacker Noon, which was encouraging.

A workplace is defined by the people you work with. I was fortunate to work directly with Sahiba, the founder. She is one of the most sweetest and helpful people I know. She taught me how important networking is, which is one of the things I learned from her among others.

There was never a dull moment, thanks to my co-interns —

The ever cheerful Bulbul who took care of business, Taranpreet the talkative designer to tickle our funny bones, Shreyoshi the go to designer (I am so looking forward to our designer’s Sketch vs Photoshop), Tripti our very own journalist. Not to forget Sakshi and Shaharayar, my fellow bloggers. The gaming session and the mini golf with Taran at innov8 was memorable.

The last one month was as eventful(no pun intended) as it gets. I learned so much here, it shaped me up for the better, and I learned how startups work which is gonna help with my own little startup — Creativity. The website link — Creativity. By little I meant really little. :P

It’s tempting to end with a cheesy farewell quote, don’t worry I won’t. I will finish up by saying this was a very productive one month for me on both professional and personal fronts. And I am not gonna let go of HelloMeets so soon. I will be back in December. So see you all then. Cheers. :D

Blog written by Ishmin Singh, Technology Blogger, HelloMeets

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