“Social Networking sites like Facebook connected humans over long distances, IoT is doing the same for machines”

Last Sunday HelloMeets hosted Anil Sagar and Avnish Kumar of Briston Technomach. A Delhi-based internet-of-things and machine-to-machine technologies startup. They helped us explore the world of IoT and justified why this is the best time for aspiring engineers in colleges to get into this field.

Anil and Avnish explain the basics of IoT to the HelloMeets Community

Internet of Things basically means connecting any machine/device to a network so that the valuable data generated by the machine can be analysed.

The use of this data generated is limited only by the imagination of the developer. From dumping this data to another machine (resulting in automation of devices) to bring about efficiency. The uses of the data is limitless.

The 4 fundamentals to keep in mind for an IoT based business :

1.Differentiate Yourself

The recognition of a brand is essential in the IoT business because if the consumer will invest into your product he will have to buy into the whole ecosystem. It is not a one time buy off. The after-sales is half the story.

2. Affordable and valuable for the customer

Affordability is key because its difficult for the consumer to see value in buying into a product just to bring efficiency in appliances they have purchased.

3. Cost Effective

As you already know hardware doesn’t come cheap and getting a good profit margin is a hurdle you have to focus on.

4. Seamless to the customer.

Because the consumer already expects efficiency and accuracy from the home appliances he/she buys the IoT solutions have to be seamless. Partnership with, say, A/C manufacturers to integrate the IoT solution within the appliance itself can help in sales massively.

How Briston does it?

“Profit justifiable IoT applications are being custom-made as per the industry/enterprise requirements hence IoT has found its home in the enterprise market for now” — Anil Sagar, CoFounder and COO at Briston Tech

Various uses of the IoT solutions provided by Briston

Briston uses a combination of sensors and GPRS chip-sets (alternatively WiFi) that collect data from machines like diesel generators, trucks, construction machines and use Artificial Intelligence to automatically analyze if the machine-parts are degrading or anything alike that might decrease the optimal performance output. This data can also be sent to anywhere in the world for generating a report thanks to IoT.

For an enterprise that uses multiple generators on a daily basis eking out even 1% more from the generators converts into a huge difference whereas it is not the same for domestic products like an electric toaster.

How is India doing in the global IoT market?

“India is not the leader in IoT products right now but in the end the adaptability will be the fastest here because once masses see the potential of the projects that are already being built by various small teams all over the country IoT will become an inevitable part of our daily lives.”

Future Predictions

Anil predicts that by 2017 acceptance lag will dissipate and the consumer’s market will also be filled with IoT based products that are aimed at home automation and decreasing electricity and water wastage.

Major telecom service providers will have to come up with a revolutionizing new network technology that has to be cheap enough so that rural areas in India can also have the advantage of remote access of their assets via IoT.

According to Avnish innovation opportunities are immense in this field right now. Android/iOS integration will be the pivot for IoT to become mainstream and that phase has already begun

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Blog Credits : Nitin Joseph