“Presently there are 3.2 billion E-mail accounts and 91% of the users check their E-mail once. Why not grab this opportunity?” said Chirayu Akotiya, Product Marketing Manager at My Operator

To contemplate the usage and effectivness of E-mail Marketing HelloMeets brought forward this event where a wide variety of participation, from entrepreneurs to digital marketing aspirants, were present.

Chirayu focused on how E-Mails are always undervalued and considered out-dated but they can actually prove to be of great importance and help in driving sales, especially after the E-Commerce revolution. He also emphasised that E-mail marketing can work equally well for both B2B and B2C companies though the methods and type of email campaigns do differ for them.

Having said that, Chirayu took off the session explaining every detail, right from the types of emails to tips and tricks for a good email campaign. Regret missing the event? Don’t worry, we have got you covered by presenting all the major points discussed in the event right here:

Discussing all the key points.

Types of Emails

Transactional Emails: These are the emails sent based on some action like the welcome email sent when you sign up on a site or an invoice email etc.

Promotional Emails: They can be described as email sent in bulk to the target audience, particularly to make users do want you want them to do.

Some Important Points

Some key points to consider while planning and doing email marketing, as told by Chirayu:


95% of online consumers use email to buy goods and services and 77% of consumers prefer email for communications.

3 R’s of Email Marketing

  1. Right message- Sharing a personalized message is the key to a good email. Chirayu’s trick is to make people feel privileged by the personalization in these mails.

2. Right people- Segmenting your audience and structuring your email content as per the reader’s demographics is very important. This would prove to be of great help in the decision making process of your email campaigns.

For MyOperator, Chirayu segregated the audience by analysing their response to various kinds of emails sent.

3. Right time- The “Open” and “Click” rates are the deciding factors for the correct time.

For MyOperator, it’s on Tuesdays that most conversions happen in response to the emails. Chirayu reasoned that by saying “our customers are mostly companies (as we are B2B), on Mondays they are usually busy in doing the pending work of the weekend, whereas on Tuesdays we actually see most conversions.”

The Ideal Scenario

As told by Chirayu:

Ideal scenario of Open and Click rates.

He emphasized that both these ratios are equally important, having one of them very high and the other very low doesn’t work.

5 Points to Always Consider for a Good Email:

  1. Personalize each message: Using the receiver’s name in Subject as well as the body of the text makes the chances of email being opened increase by a large amount.
  2. Using trackable links: This helps you analyse the conversion rates through emails.
  3. Using bullets: Using bullets in the text makes it much more easy to read and understand.
  4. Always use a CTA ( Call to Action) Using an attractive CTA is a very important part of the email.
  5. Don’t forget the mobile experience: Always keep in mind both the desktop and mobile view. As Chirayu said “Mobile is where the world is today.”
The event attendees.

Some Key Points to Remember

“Cold emailing may work eventually, but then in the long term you’ll be marked spam only.”

  • Tip to save your emails from being marked as spam:
  1. Always put an option to unsubscribe in the mail.
  2. Avoid Spam words ( Yes, there is a proper spam words list) Some of the spam words are like free, chance, offer, discount. You can play a trick by using waivers instead of discount, opportunity instead of chance etc.

#FunFact: Chirayu has also put a ‘mark as spam’ link in the mails itself and when people click on it they actually land on their website. So his purpose is also served in this way.

  • Tips to get your emails land on the primary tab:
  1. The moment your email body has more than 3 links it goes to promotional tab. And if it has only 1 link, chances on landing the primary page increases.
  2. Writing ‘ You are receiving this mail because you have subscribed to the site’ also increases the chances to get on primary tab.
  • Some tools that can be used for email marketing: emailvalidation, sidekick.
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