So you are thinking to change a job or explore whether a startup is a fit for you? You are ready to get in front of startups and secure a job you are passionate about. But there’s one problem: your resume is seriously lacking because you don’t have a “relevant experience”. Or, maybe you are switching career paths?

You can still get hired without a resume — it takes some honesty and drive on both the sides, your part and the startup’s.

What if startups share their own real-world problems to candidates interested to solve such a challenge, without looking into anyone’s resume?


It is often easier to test candidates on the throes of battle than it is to see their qualifications on paper. We want startups to recognize a candidate’s passion and effort, and sometimes, seeing them work alongside on a real-world problem as an intern or consultant can tell them a lot more than a resume.

Hiring without a resume benefits the startups because, instead of judging a book by the cover, it gets to read a chapter before they buy. It gives startups a chance to hire the right people for its culture and mission.


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Originally published at on October 21, 2015.