What lead BobbleApp to more than 3,500,000 downloads in 5 months? Even the user engagement stats are magical:

  • 1,000,000 daily active users
  • 50,000 active users at any second of the day
  • 50,000 new installs each day

So what is the story behind it? Ankit Prasad and Rahul Prasad from the founding team of BobbleApp shared it with our community at GrowthTalks Delhi — September 2015 edition. Here are the pointers how they did it:

Some app user hacks

Identify who the users are and know where they are. Quora is a good source of attracting your early users through content in India. Email marketing still works and one should always try it from day one.

Use APIs and bots from other services to grow an App.

Concentrated release

A worldwide release may not allow our app to reach critical mass in comparison to a concentrated release. Paypal grew using Ebay and Airbnb scraped craigslist for listings related to home renting.

BobbleApp was tested for amongst a target group of students first.

In our case, it was college students. We aggressively went to colleges only to acquire users initially.

Experiment with the users

Create and define a sample set of users. Define your measurable metrics and measure all. Keep on modifying use-cases with user demand. The more the use cases you identify, the more channels you create to find and attract new users. The experiments and iterations go hand in hand. The next customer discovery becomes much easier because the feature introduced is a validated customer-demand and not based on any assumption.

Ask for ratings within an App

Don’t not ask for ratings within the play store instead ask within the app.

In our case: If rating is <5 stars, the user is asked for feedback. Otherwise, the user is redirected to play store for review.

Users are the best Brand Ambassadors

Treat users like brand ambassadors. Instead of incentivization, use emotion.

Find out your elite or frequent users and use them as your ambassadors. We humans love to be felt important either through appreciation or being in the company of elites.

Cricketers like Harbhajan Singh, Kevin Pietersen etc are using BobbleApp — Prasad Ankit, Founder, BobbleApp

Choose the right Angel

Good angels don’t give you advice, they connect you with the right people who give you the right advice.

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Originally published at www.hellomeets.com on October 24, 2015.