So, you’re wishing to go for Google Summer of Code the coming summer. And, you have all these questions in mind…

How to write a good GSOC proposal?

What introduction to write?

How to explain your project?

What all to include in your profile?

How to communicate your projects end goal?

So, this is the right place for you.

We spoke to Harshit Dwivedi , Google Summer of Code, Student Developer from our community who interned with GSOC this summer and was working with FOSSASIA on their open source Event App.

And, he has been truly generous to share his proposal with us.

Here are the tips and tricks to a good GSOC proposal:

Introduction to the project-

Project Goals -

End results


Timeline — This part shows how well organised and focused you are

Try and document your work as detailed as you can.

Redesigned App-

My contributions to FOSSAsia’s open ­event ­android repository are listed below.

Merged Pull Requests

Open Pull Requests

Issues reported (3 fixed)

Ideas suggested

About Me

I am a 3rd year undergraduate student pursuing my degree in Electronics and Communication engineering from GGSIP University Dwarka.

I want to work with FOSSAsia on this project for the summer as I think that I have required skills so as to bring this project to its completion.
 I had already started started to work on an open sourced Tech Fest app template for colleges in the last year.

It’s partially done and the link can be found here.

I am an Android Developer and have a total of 5 apps on the Google Play store.
 I am also an avid Open Source lover and the source code to most of my apps can be easily found on my GitHub profile.

Apart from this, I also have received the Scholarship for Android Developer nanodegree provided by Google and Tata Trust for the students in India and have made 2 projects under it as of now.

The projects done are:
Popular movies
Personal Portifolio App

Hope this sample proposal by our community evangelist, Harshit Dwivedi helps you.

Please, feel free to add more ideas in the comments section below to make GSOC proposal preparation better for our community.

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Blog Credits :Harshit Dwivedi, Community Evangelist @HelloMeets and Sahiba Sethi, Founder HelloMeets