Are you someone who is struggling to stay fit, but have no time to workout?

or someone who is always planning to start eating healthy or exercising tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes!

Lots of people working in Delhi are from outstations and they are the ones who suffer the most in this case, because they don’t get home cooked food and end up eating whatever is convenient.

We are here with few tips that can help you stay fit with a busy work life:

Drink Water!

We all have heard this so many times, but how many of us actually follow this?

Drinking water can actually helps you stay fit, always make a point to keep a water bottle close to you when you are working, it keeps you hydrated and you don’t indulge in sugary drinks.

Find five minutes

Even if you are too busy with work and meetings, you can surely take out 5 minutes to walk and then gradually increase it to 30 minutes. Moreover figure out what time suits you the best, you have to make a schedule and follow it regularly.

Healthy snacking

We all know if the working hours are long everyone tends to get hungry in-between. Always eat in a smart way, instead of indulging in something unhealthy like fried stuff.

You can replace junk with a wheat bread sandwich or a fruit. Also, do carry nuts to keep yourself full while working.

Count your calories

We all have our cheat days, but make it a point if you eat something really heavy and fattening compensate it in the other one. It is best to eat a light dinner while you can fulfil your cravings in lunch.


This is another one we hear all too often, but rarely enforce. Being tired raises levels of stress and this has been linked to overeating. Set a bedtime for yourself and do your absolute best to tuck yourself in right on time.

Hope these tips will help you. We at HelloMeets, are building a fitness community for people who are struggling to balance work and health.

Your success as an individual now and going forward is dependent upon your willingness and ability to commit to making health and wellness a priority. Are you willing to do what it takes?

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Blog Credits- Simer Kaur Sethi Marketing and Research HelloMeets