Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg. Larry Page. Sergey Brin. They share more than a few enviable accomplishments. They’re billionaires, they made their fortunes in tech and they started their businesses while they were still students.

However you slice it, they’re all living proof that you don’t have to wait until after graduation to launch your own business. And, as is the case for Gates and Zuckerberg, you might not have to graduate at all (though, to be clear, we’re not advocating for dropping out).

We asked student entrepreneurs in Delhi what is one thing that is stopping them from starting? And unsurprisingly, most of the responses revolved around the most coveted startup dream — FUNDING. We did not stop our search, but the responses did not change.

For once we thought, we should organise an investor meet up for the young guns of the country. However, we thought there is a better way to this.

Why not help them or lead them to the traction that might help them get discovered? And in no time we talked to founders who could coach the young guns for two days and within a call each one of them agreed to be part of it.

So what are the important questions that founders think of before they start?

“Is there a market for my product?”

“Will my product help people solve their problems?”

“What should I build?”

The answers to these questions just raise more questions:

“Do people understand my product?”

“Will people find my product useful?”

“Can people use my product?”

And so it continues. As we build our businesses, each answer reveals new unknowns.

Idea validation/ User research makes great ideas possible

User research is a fast, reliable way to answer important questions like these. It’s the best way to test assumptions without the time or expense of launching. It reduces risk and helps your team work more quickly and more confidently.

And best of all, you can start doing user research in just a few days. Let’s show you how at Young Guns!

At Young Guns, we help startups build early traction to answer questions and make important decisions about their businesses and products they are about to build. We shall be using startup founder’s own battle-tested process for prototyping & testing ideas rapidly. Through it, we have optimised a process that provides maximum learning as quickly as possible. In the words of Paul Graham, we want the Young Guns go through the motion of starting an idea.

We aim to help the Young Guns use this process to make better decisions and move faster. The best way to convince an investor is to tell them how fast your startup is growing.

All the startups that became successful did not succeed because their founders were experts in startups or their idea was first one in the market, BUT they understood their users better than others.

Whether you have an idea or not, you are a techie, designer or a business student, Young Guns is one of a kind event to help you team up on an idea you like or launch your own idea under the coaching of experienced startup founders and investors. Be there to experience it.

Originally published at on August 31, 2015.