Only selected handful of candidates will pass the filter — here’s how we do it

At Jet Set Hire, we are making it easier for Startups to build your team this Sunday. We have a pool of almost 800 candidates who are signed up and want to work in startups. The pool has a mix of

  • Mobile/ Web/ UI/ UX Developers
  • Marketing/ Sales/ Analytics/ Content/ Digital

However, not all shall be invited to the event. We are carefully selecting and inviting serious candidates who can cut through the crowd to work in a startup. We majorly check two things before sending a paid invitation:

  1. Does the candidate have any startup experience?
  2. For developers/ designers: Has the candidate built something from the scratch?
  3. For marketing/ sales/ BD profiles: Has the candidate gone out on the streets and gotten his hands dirty? Or, any operational role in conducting an event?

However, not all those who pass this filter make it to the event. There are many who want to get into startups and keep on exploring their perceived “market value”.

To keep a check on the seriousness and make a mark in an unconventional world of startups, only those who pass through these criteria are sent a paid invitation. Only if the candidate accepts it, he is eligible to attend the event.

If you are building your startup or looking to work in a startup, mark your calendar: Sunday, 31 Jan 2016, Amazon, New Delhi.

Register your startup here:

Candidates, get your invite here: