Meeting like minded people and writing blogs is my fuel :)

Being a pro active kid at school who never left any extra-curricular activities untouched to doing internships with media and publication houses like Hindustan Times and Spoon University in the first semester of college itself, yes that’s how my little journey can be perfectly described.

Recently when I joined HelloMeets as an intern, a lot of questions were raised. When my friends were busy filling applications for internships in companies like Aditya Birla, I was applying for HelloMeets. When asked why, I had a clear answer- ‘ Rather than getting influenced by big names or high stipends, I’d rather work for a start-up which provides me with interesting work and wider networking exposure, aren’t these the things that college students should actually look for ?’

And when it comes to why HelloMeets when there are thousand other start-ups in the market looking for interns, I can proudly say that the concept of getting likeminded people together on one platform and the vast variety of experience that the co-founders- Sahiba and Tanmay share is somehow helping me to give wings to my dream of starting a venture of my own. Of course, within the time of 3 months and so many events, there lies a perfect opportunity to network to a large number of people who may be of a great help in building my dream start-up. (Didn’t you notice the large number of people I’ll meet and I think it’ll keep growing with the successive events!)

When Sahiba teaches me a new strategy or a simple tool every day, while firmly saying- ‘When our interns will personally grow then only we can expect the company to grow’, I not only learn that skill but some simple yet big lessons of life from her. Whenever I sit with Tanmay and he explains how his journey in building HelloMeets has been, it not only inspires me to dream and believe in my dreams but to also face the million challenges in the way. 
So, this is how by joining HelloMeets as a Business Development intern, I can learn, grown and develop in innumerable ways and together, we all aim to take HelloMeets to new heights.

— By Niharika Maggo