Product development is the process of designing, creating and marketing new products or services to benefit customers. Sometimes referred to as new product development, the discipline is focused on developing systematic methods for guiding all the processes involved in getting a new product to market but what are those systematic methods? and what can be done to ensure maximum efficiency in the same? To uncover the answers to these questions and much more we have called in the pros of the game:

Pratiroop Mehta and Sahil Pruthi from TravelTriangle and as a cherry on top we have an eager mix of aspirants who want to wrap their minds around all “secrets of the trade” that our speakers will be sharing. We are featuring some of all the amazing attendees we have this time around.

Prashant Chourasia

Currently working with CarDekho as an Associate Director in Operations. Have worked for startups and tried to build one as well. Loves to solve problems. To simply put the reason he wants to attend this event is to explore the tricks and trade of Product Management.

Question to the speakers — How is a product measured for customer experience?

Kushagra Jaiswal

He went to the Doon School and then graduated from IIT-Delhi. Currently he is the Growth Manager at Healers at Home, which is a startup in the home healthcare sector. He is into football and classical rock too.

He wants to attend this event because he is looking for a career in product management and hopes that this will give him some pointers to start while building a new product with Healers at Home.

Aman Sharma

He has worked with K7 Computing and in 2013 joined, currently he is heading Product and Marketing departments here and catering to big corporates like Samsung, TATA, Mahindra, Volkswagen, HDFC, Axis etc. Also he is working on my own startup a technology-enabled platform for fashion community.

The main reason for him to attend this event is to understand the industry standards & process of building the scalable products, which includes process, tools, principals etc.

The question he wants to ask from Sahil and Pratiroop is:

What is the most basic and fundamental rule to architect the database for a dynamic and scalable product?

Shashank Tiwari

Founder, CEO of a LegalTech marketplace, name Lawyered, that helps startups/business owners connect with Lawyers and ask legal question related to their venture.He advocates lean startup methodology for building products as well as teams, and strongly believes that positive/recurring cashflow makes a startup sustainable.

He wants to attend the event to learn more about popular product development strategies.

The questions he want to ask Sahil and Pratiroop surround the key fundamentals and metrics for effective product enhancements.

Rishab Jaini

An engineer with a management consulting experience of almost 2 years with Bain & Co. Recently became founder of an automotive startup — PitMobil that aims to simplify the car purchasing, selling and servicing market.

He is here to understand what role he should be taking in product development as an entrepreneur — What kind of technicalities he should be going in, what kind of processes he needs to follow to effectively manage his product, how should he balance the testing time vs. product updatation etc

Ankit Achantan

An Event Manager & Marketer by profession. Loves to socialize and collaborate for a win-win situation.

Wants to know whats the ideal time one should take for product development before launching it in the market and what is the generic process for a product’s development?

Gurkirat Singh

A Life Coach (yes you read it right! Lots of interesting things to learn from him!) but he also boasts of having an engineering degree. He has a penchant for debating, and loves doing research on various subjects, mostly history, philosophy, religion, spirituality, and politics.

He wants to attend this meeting to understand the nitty-gritties of Product development and to get a grip on what are the key guidelines to keep in mind to develop any kind of product.

And many many more awesome new friends…

Not only these enthusiastic people but many more will be joining us to understand the nuances of Product Development so hold on tight for the evening that will change the way you look at your product!

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