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1. Designers consider high-definition over normal definition displays. Sketch provides the facility of resizing objects, therefore minimizing this problem. Vector based graphics don’t pixelate where as others do.

2. Sorry Windows users, but Sketch is only available for Mac OS X. On the other hand, Adobe’s Photoshop Creative Cloud can be used by both Mac and PC users.

3. We can create and use multiple art boards and work simultaneously on Sketch, while in Photoshop we can only work on a single canvas at a time.

4. Pencil tool is not an alternate to brush tool in Sktech.

5. Another feature that stands out in Sketch is it’s built-in layout grid. Unlike Photoshop, the use of plugins, series of guidelines and separate layers have a makeshift grid which is tough to edit. With Sketch, pinning a transparent layout guide and changing the column and gutter sizes is a piece of cake.

6. Sketch is lighter than PSD, this minimizes the concern of file size.

7. Photoshop has an upper hand over Sketch in terms of variety of zooms.

8. Sketch doesn’t have 3D tools, but Photoshop does.

9. Sketch is a blend of Illustrator and Photoshop. Logos can be designed easily.

10. Keyboard shortcuts make life much easier for regular designers. Sketch being new, doesn’t have many.

11. Wireframes are necessary for designing apps and websites. Sketch has an upper hand here due to the availability of UI kit.

12. Sketch has a user friendly interface. While, Photoshop has a high cognitive load, which requires practice.The size of the SCG file is less than the PSD file.

What our community members love & why


Nalini Kher, Social Media Manager at Sirez Group said, photoshop is easy to implement your imagination and has image editing tools unlike sketch which is only compatible to Mac.

Alpana Chhibber, Product Manager @Uberstarter said, she prefers to use sketch for UX and simple graphic designs but photoshop has its own pros too.

Mayukh Choudhary co-founder at Milaap said, Sketch is best for UI design, it massively expedites interaction design process.

Surhab Sahni, Independent Design Consultant, said, Sketch is for product designing and photoshop is for image and art editing.

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