The thought that makes every product and service different from the others, lies in the hands of the marketing team.

After a long brain storming and creative hunting session they come up with something which is unique and distinctive. But to support the idea there is a need of useful content; this is where content marketing plays a role.

Creating the personal connect

Content writing should be personalised in a style where the target audience can relate to themselves.

What do you look in a Product \ Service before buying it?

It’s a human nature to look for something connecting in our daily lives and when the usage of our day to day needs have a dash of connectivity, it becomes even more appealing and attractive.

Look around you, starting from a toothpaste brand to an airline brand; everyone is marketing their product with a personalised touch.

Talking about the toothpaste, the ad showing a mother scolding her kid for not brushing his teeth and later landing on a flavored paste that suit the taste buds is a smart approach by the company to personalize their product.

Hacks for the content curator to an effective content marketing

· Reaching out to people through feedbacks and getting UGC(user generated content)

· Understand the mindset of the audience

· Creating it in a way that the readers not only like it, but also recommend it.

· Keeping the language of the content simple and subtle

Reach opmization in these few steps

Keys to a good content write-up

· Engage — the audience has to find the content interesting enough to read and further recommend it to others.

· Educate — Giving knowledge to the readers

Information about the product through content

· Inspire — anything that inspires someone is always kept somewhere in the back of the head.

· Convince — after getting the above three into place, the convincing job becomes easier and quick.

Tricks and tips to increase your blog reach

· The timing and placing of the blog also plays a very important role while creating a blog content

· The use of apt key words, jargons, personality names and tags becomes vital as that helps people to locate your blog faster and connect to it easily.

· Trending hashtags, tagging, tweets etc. help the blog to spread and make its mark.

· The saying negative publicity is often good publicity applies here. The readers and viewers will increase when trending news is somewhere merged in the blog post.

Make your blog post and content effective by these steps

Distribution and promotion

Distribution and promotion platforms and hacks

Key performance indicators (KPI’S)

· Carrying a questionnaire or a survey which can be filled by the customers to get a better understanding of the product reach.

· Keeping a note of the mobile readership.

· Minimizing bounce rates.

· Keeping a check on page views and reads.

· Strong social media sharing and marketing.

Marketing has taken plenty of twists and turns resulting in a pace that has changed the imagination and viewpoints of the buyers and sellers both.

In such a scenario learning about effective and profitable content marketing helps on a long run.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog. This was discussed in a workshop conducted by Hellomeets by Nalini Kher, Social Media Lead at Sirez Group.

Content Marketing workshop in full swing

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Blog Credits — , Tripti Jain Content Writer at HelloMeets