Badal Goel, CEO and Founder at Frsh has been less heard about; he is one who believes in doing and making a noise. At this months Growthtalk event we got a chance to hear and learn about his pivots, perseverance and persistence.

We had an intense discussion on food startups — both full stack as well as marketplace model, covered the pros and cons of running such a business and each one shared his own experience in running a similar business or the current scenario.

No one talks about pivots right in the middle of it until it really begins to work. The founders of Frsh, Khaana & Foodpost, to name a few, opened their heart in sharing the other side of running a food business!

We talked about the scary part too (the hard decisions that don’t pay off soon and the rationale behind such decisions, the relationship with investors once such decisions are made and things that are behind the scenes, things that are hardly written in media! And of course the unit economics around delivery, packaging and emphasis on quality. It is something that entrepreneurs are better prepared today to face the future. How many stand the test of time, we have to wait and watch. Till then, keep enjoying the awesome food served each day!

Thank you Badal and each one for being part of an intense evening!

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