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Nowadays, it is important for every business to use social media for marketing. Also, social media helps you understand how well are you doing by the use of analytics and various tools that keep a check on your performance.

Here are some tips that will help you execute social media better.

Post according to your target audience

Before posting anything, we should always keep our audience in mind. If you don’t post according to their interest you will eventually lose your followers.

Keep the age factor and the product you are selling in mind. For example if you are a fashion blogger you should use Snapchat and Instagram the most because you are mainly targeting young crowd.

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Make sure you add value to others

It is very obvious, that people will read content only if it adds value to their lives. Make sure you post something that people can relate to and it solves some problem they face.

Buffer is a very good example, they always write blogs that a problem for the reader and there content is very simple and crisp with tons of examples.

Example :- Instagram for Business: 30 Tips to Grow Your Audience and Stand Out on Instagram.

Make your post interesting

Make your content engaging, people only talk about something if they find it interesting. Try to do storytelling through photos and videos.

Mostly, people read or watch something if the content is emotional or conflicting.

In the ad below Red Label is trying to show “The Taste of Togetherness” it is promoting unity.

Post frequently

There is no perfect timing to post, people are always online on various sites. There is activity all day make sure your content floats. You can’t miss any chance to reach people you want to target. You can use various tools like buffer and hootsuite to schedule your posts.

First experiment with various times on buffer or a similar tool. Then use data to figure out what post to share and at what time.


Here is a sneak peak to buffer analytics.


Hope reading this blog helped you. This was discussed at meetup held at HelloMeets by, Nalini Kher, Digital Marketing Evangelist.

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Blog Credits :- Simer Sethi, Marketing at HelloMeets.