Startup Friends, remember that saying we all heard as kids: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.

Getting the horse to drink in this example, would be conversion. You can’t force the horse to drink the water any more than you can a user to take a desired action on your website.

Conversion isn’t about making someone do something, it’s about providing an environment that makes doing that thing irresistible.

Let’s look at this from the horse’s perspective. Imagine you’re a horse, and your rider takes you water nearby. What would drive your decision to check it out??? You’d probably consider a few things, like:

Am I thirsty? Does the water look drinkable? Am I safe? Have my friends tried this water? What did they think? Is the water conveniently located? Is there another water body closer to me?

Just the existence of water isn’t enough to win you over. Your environment needs to be just right before you’ll start heading in that direction.

In other words, There’s a lot standing between your user and a conversion. And if we don’t pay attention to the entire experience a user has when interacting with a company, we can’t motivate them to the action we want.

Your users have to go through a similar process, and if you want them to convert and buy from you, you need to ensure that when you ask, “Is it Findable???’’ or “Is it credible???” or any other question, the answer will be YES…

WHY? Because in order to encourage a specific behavior, we need to make it easy for users to choose that path. Or, as Seve Krug famously said, “DON’T MAKE ME THINK”.

Good UX Design creates an environment that is more likely to convert and increase your Sales.

There are plenty of opinions on the key components of “Good UX Design” but Ramakrishna Venkatesan and Saptarshi Prakash from Zeta by Directi will be sharing the most important one’s with you which helped them at their own companies increase their Sales.

Come join us on the 9th of April, Sunday at Unacademy HQ, Indiranagar, Bengaluru from 11 am to 1 pm. Register here:

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