Are you someone who has started food blogging?

We are here with some incredible tips for food blogging that will help you in making a successful blog.

So here it goes…

Be honest

Honesty is the best policy for sure! Don’t write fake reviews just to impress the restaurant owner because of feel she or he is influencial. If you don’t like something be true, for example if you go to a restaurant you order a burger and find that the bun is not soft, write it that the patty was good but the bun was not soft.

If, your follower reads your blog and you have written a fake review about the food you will lose your reader.

Don’t be a free loader never put your integrity at stake. — Sahiba Gursahaney Founder and Food Blogger at The Tasting Fork

Make your blog informative

Make your blog informative, if you are writing about a restaurant you visited and had a sandwich at, don’t just write about the sandwich also write about the sauces they used, the filling and the bread. Give a detailed description of your dish.

Be consistent

Being consistent is very important. No matter what, post at least once a day. Never disappear, your followers will forget you. Always maintain your frequency. If you are using five social media handles make sure you are active on all of them.

Also, post relevant stuff, don’t post just post for the sake of posting. Make sure you put something related to your blog forte.

Don’t be harsh

Once you become famous, you also have a responsibility to be ethical and honest. Always give the other person a chance, if you find hair once in food don’t just screw the restaurant.

It is very important to be humble and generous even if you become successful.

Be conversational

Always try to be interactive, make sure you reply to every query of your followers. This gives them a feeling of belongingness. Also, always say thank you whenever a follower comments. Don’t be arrogant.

Click good pictures

It is necessary to click amazing pictures for a food blog, you need not buy an expensive camera for this.


  • Keep a check on angle
  • Lighting
  • Don’t put direct flash
  • Don’t over edit your photos
  • Always put watermark

Hope reading this blog helped you. This was discussed at a food bloggers meetup held at HelloMeets by Sahiba Gursahaney, Founder and Food Blogger at The Tasting Fork

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Blog Credits :- Simer Sethi, Marketing at HelloMeets.