Startups are about innovation and growth at speed. If it’s not speedy-growth, it is not a startup! (If you haven’t read Paul Graham’s definition of growth in a startup, you know nothing about startup)

Usually a relationship with startup begins in two ways:

  1. Start a startup
  2. Work in a startup

Starting a startup or working in a startup is no easy job, however the latter one is relatively easier. And why we love startups because it has the magical touch of changing lives! And you don’t forget the date when you took that decision.

Why not begin your date with startups at speed? One chance to pick your favorites and meet the founders on a speed date.

Do you identify with these problems?

  1. Ever tried two face-to-face interviews in a day? Forget experiencing it, does it sound easy? World is departing from the obsolete way of finding a job which was mailing a no. of companies, waiting for their response and then indefeinite wait for response from a few (if you get!) and last but not the least, painful process of travelling from one office to the another.
  2. Imagine, you were at the interviewer’s chair, would you go through the pile of CVs? A resume is passe now. What if there is no one you know who can refer you in a startup?

Job interviews in a speed-date format tries solving the above problems:


We believe an individual himself is the best representation of his talent than a piece of paper (CV or resume)! Events/ Meets are great opportunities to network with CEOs of next-big startups. Above all, it is the best place to know the lesser-known startups inside out directly from the founders of startups that might change your fortune.

Or, at times as it happens, this could be the beginning of a new relationship with the founders who have the knack of identifying talent much ahead of time. You never know you could get a surprise call months later or even better, get hired months ahead of time.

Opportunities Galore

Each one gets a chance to meet a mix of ultra-fast growing startups. Once you’re on a date, the possibilities are endless — You might get a job, a freelance project, a CTO level- position or even land up being a co-founder. Isn’t it limitless? More the interviews, more the opportunities! And you get a choice to pick!

Common playing field

It’s a level playing field for all — from freshers to the mature professionals and even college drop-outs who are ready to take the unconventional path of building a career out of startups. The only thing that matters is one’s attitude in a speed!

Startups are the best platform to get due recognition for the work you do — life-changing problem you are solving to make lives of people easier. One gets the freedom to solve problems in their own creative ways and get acknowledged. What makes working in a startup most exciting is the option of earning equities. You generate a lifetime of wealth even without starting up! Great things happen only when you take a chance!

You got what it takes and don’t want to waste it in a big company, then welcome to Ready Hire Aim. Few minutes could change your life!

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