For the people who want their brand up and running in the market, they require a website. The myth that coders are necessarily required for the building of a website is withering away.

Google a tool for ‘making a website’ and the search will give you hundreds of options. Based on the answers of our community members, we have shortlisted the tools which can be used by you to make a website.

Tools to build a website —

Squarspace — Set your website apart.

Squarespace helps anyone build a beautiful home online. By blending elegant design and sophisticated engineering, it empowers millions of people — from individuals and local artists to entrepreneurs shaping the world’s most iconic businesses — to share their stories with the world.

Get started with your own website or blog page.

Our HelloMeets website is also Squarespace.

Wordpress — Create an unforgettable website.

WordPress powers beautiful websites for businesses, professionals, and bloggers.

WordPress gives the opportunity to explore the world of blogging and distributing your brand to a variety of different platforms.

These steps will help you enjoy and unforgettable service with WordPress.

Wix — Create your own stunning website.

Start with this amazing and easy to use page

  • Beaverbuilder — Easily Build Professional WordPress Websites

Save time and stop writing code. Beaver Builder is a powerful and flexible drag and drop design system. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, you’re going to love taking control of your website with Beaver Builder.

The landing page in itself is explanatory about the perks of this page.

These are the steps to start the website on this domain.

Weebly — Website for growing your business/ sharing your story/ following your dreams.

Webs — Better websites made simpler.

Start with this simple and easy techniques to goof up your website.

Website construction is a cup of tea with these trending tools and websites. So what’s stopping you. Log in and get going with your own personal and customised website.

Please, feel free to add more in the comments.

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Blog credits — Tripti Jain, Content Writer, HelloMeets