Hellohackers — An open ended, tech savvy discussion on interesting projects, for hackers by hackers.

Whether you are building a product or working on a project, this is one place for Hackers in town to discuss, brainstorm on ideas and exploring ways to collaborate.

Whats in it for you?

  • Meet like minded coders
  • Get to see what new projects are coming up
  • What challenges are they facing and solutions to them

Below is a glimpse of some of the projects going to be presented today:

NewsMeMe — 40 sec.800kb news videos by Saurav Tomar

Saurav Tomar

NewsMeme is a news media startup that creates short news, 40 sec long,800kb in size about trending events and topics. At Newsmeme we have automated 70% of the work that goes into creating a news video, this allows us to create videos at scale.

Cucumber and calabash for automated app testing — using Page object model by Naval Saini

Naval Saini,

Cucumber and calabash are technologies for writing automated testcases.

The testcases are written in plain english and can also be used as documentation for the features in the product.

Some other advantages are in CI/CD. The process of releasing applications in market becomes much easier — when you have a set of testcases to run for regression and sanity everytime.

I would like to talk about some best practices from Calabash and automated testing world.

And maybe show a video or a project in action — depending on the time I have for preparation.

Meet you all at Innov8 Coworking, Regal Building, CP at 3pm today. Book your seats here.