In today’s modern world it is so difficult to find a soulmate, there are so many options for all of us. Everyone is struggling to find the right person.

I am assuming that you are someone:

  • Struggling to come across marriage material
  • Struggling to balance work & relationship
  • Looking to make a fairy tale

If yes, then I feel you’ll be able to relate to this blog.

So, what’s going on with us?

Casual relationships

Casual dating is a physical and emotional relationship between two people who may have casual sex or a near-sexual relationship without necessarily expecting the extra commitments of a more formal romantic relationship.

People mostly hesitate to say the truth, what exactly they want from the other person. It is very important to be honest, in any relationship dishonesty wont take you anywhere .

Over ambitions

Everyone wants to be independent and make lots of money. Above that the bad experiences that we get to know from our friends regarding extra material-affair, divorces, etc want us more to be even more independent and focus only on career and make it the one and only priority.

After all, making a career is good and even being independent is important but one always needs a partner in life to share their joys and sorrows. One must invest time in a person who’s worth it rather than going out for casual dates and avoid doing multiple chats. If there is a will, there’s a way to make it and keep it along with the career.

Past baggages

Everyone has a past. We all have preconceived notions about people due to our bitter experiences. If, we like someone, we should give them a fair chance to prove themselves as everyone isn’t the same.

Else, we end up screwing our relationships by piling up unnecessary negativity.

Be open minded. If you’re going into a new relationship then please, start afresh.

Over possessive

Stop doubting your partner and clinging to them 24/7. Let them grow as an individual.

All of us at some point of time need space. One can’t always be available. There are loads of other things that need time too like friends, family and work.

Stop clinging to your partner all the time, giving space and freedom makes a relationship healthier

Cheesy conversations

Most of us are shy or hesitant about how to start the conversation. Always do research and check the profiles in case of online dating. See what the other person likes and what are her/his achievements.

Never start a conversation saying you look pretty or gorgeous profile picture. This can totally turn a girl off.

A woman gets multiple messages that you look hot, sexy lips but, none of these messages will impress her or make her feel special because every guy does that.

Never start a conversation like this

Smart way

Rather you can write Hey I saw your work, you are doing a fabulous job would like to know more about you!

How to make someone feel cared

Love them, show this with your actions, may be by making their favourite food, taking them out for their favourite cuisine or taking them out for a drive when they are bored.

These small acts can really make her feel loved and cared and build trust that you’re really a different guy.

Hope reading this blog helped you. This was discussed at an event held on Love, dating & relationships at HelloMeets by Avani Parekh , Founder at and community manager at Sheroes.

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Blog Credits :- Simer Sethi, Marketing at HelloMeets