Since Monday I met more people than I had in the last year or so and every new acquaintance has been asking me the same question “Why do you want to do an internship right after your class twelfth?” while infact the real question thats bugging them about me is “Why the hell are you not having the time of your life?! Rave like hell on the beaches of Goa or enjoy a trekking expedition in Manali?”

My answer is simple and based on what I noticed in the current status of startups in India:

I being a commerce student of St Columba’s School an institution proud to be the alma-mater of the founders of many famous brands with businesses expanding to multiple nations and highly successful people like SharRukh Khan, Kunal Nayyar, Sanjeev Bikhchandani and others. I have always been surrounded by success stories that had an early beginning. Impatient to step into the real world as early as possible. However with every one of those successful sagas there are thousand of those who had a terrific idea, came into the game with a bang but couldn’t keep their little boats afloat.

India is packed with dreamers who hope of having an impact on the world with an idea by turning it into a self-sustaining and repeatable business model. But for most it eventually flops not due to the lack of enthusiasm or perseverance but due to the lack proper execution.

With my cat “Karry” :)

A few months back I came to know about HelloMeets via one of their events called HelloHackers on a social media platform. HelloHackers is a platform where college students and entrepreneurs are welcome to present their tech product / service to other entrepreneurs and students alike to get constructive feedback and collaborate. I was more than just willing to give it a shot because it represented exactly what I wanted to spend my time at which was to connect with people who have similar interests.

On the day of the event I found out that I was the youngest of the lot. The event had a great vibe and was a big success with a huge turnout. I was hooked on this style of interaction among people with similar interests which Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking can never conquer. I returned home with a total change in the way I perceived the workings of businesses and hoped that I too one day would present something at one of their events. One of the founders of HelloMeets, Sahiba added me to the WhatsApp group that was made for people who attended and contributed in this event and a few days back I got a notification on the same that they were fielding for interns.

As you might have guessed I didn’t waste a moment to apply for it but not just because I wanted have an experience to work with a startup but because I really believed that this concept of a real world social networking is a success story of India in the making not just because the idea is sustainable but the way they are executing it to turn into a great service for all.

Blog credits: Our youngest team member Nitin Joseph :)