I have always believed that practical work is much better than classroom studies. So when I was looking for an internship, I wanted to work in a place where I’d not just sit idle, make excel sheets and feel useless. Instead, I wanted to work at a place where I would learn new skills and be valued thus I chose a startup to work at.

So when I eventually landed up at HelloMeets, I was very excited. Why? I would get to meet a LOT (A LOT!!!) of people.

“Startups = Growth. A startup is a company designed to grow fast. Being newly founded does not in itself make a company a startup. Nor is it necessary for a startup to work on technology, or take venture funding, or have some sort of “exit.” The only essential thing is growth. Everything else we associate with startups follows from growth.”- Paul Graham

So if Startups work on the formula mentioned above, then therefore, Growth = Lots of Work for everyone.

1. Learning everyday

While interning at HelloMeets, no day was a dull day. There was something new to learn everyday. I learned using a lot of new tools like Canva, Buffer, Google Analytics, Evernote among others.

2. Working with the founder

A small work environment made it possible for me to work directly with the founder, Sahiba. According to her, we all had something or the other to learn from each other. She is not one of those founders who assume they know everything.

For instance, we both learned the basics of Google Analytics together. We would sit and discuss our learning with each at the end of each day which made the learning process easier.

3. Decision making

The most exciting part about my internship was that we (the interns) had a say in the decisions. We were actually asked about our opinions, ideas and suggestions. Our work was always acknowledged and efforts always appreciated.

While interviewing new people for the team, we were also asked if we liked the person.

4. Personal & Professional Growth

Being a part of HelloMeets as an intern helped me grow both professionally and personally.

Professionally I improved my networking skills and learned about the startup ecosystem.

Personally I learned the art of talking to complete strangers without any hesitation.

5. Ask and you shall receive

The most important thing that I’ve learned while interning at HelloMeets is the art of “asking”. Working at HelloMeets has highlighted this notion. I’m not afraid to speak to anyone and ask for things that can help advance my career.

I learned to ask for help from any stranger for anything and how to turn them into amazing friends.

6. Taking Initiatives

Working at a startup is great as it allows you to take initiative and make decisions that you think will be beneficial. Showing initiative helps you stand out from your co-workers.

I also started a Facebook community called HelloContent - which helps us in engaging with our content marketing community.

7. Learn from others around you, because, ‘you know nothing Jon Snow’

Really, there is so much talent that can be found within a startup, from the founders, graphic designers, to the customers. It is funny how we often ignore the knowledge that is right around us, but we will accept what we are told on the internet, from someone we know nothing about.

I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing people who helped me in growing as a person.

Niharika- Bubbly and always ready to help :). She helped me with content about which I knew nothing.

Madhur- Fun loving and loved to talk! He taught me how to stay cheerful :D

Shreyoshi- Although I did not spend a lot of time working with her, she inspired me to learn Photoshop. (She’s also going to teach me Photoshop, aren’t you? :P)

Ishmin- Very dedicated and always ready to learn about new things.

and of course, Sahiba- Someone I had the most fun with.

Our event speakers who I got to learn a lot from:

Namrata and Raoul Bostrom (POPxo)- The first HelloMeets event that I attended was “12 Things learnt at a Global B-School that are actually useful in a Startup” and it was awesome.

Chirayu Akotia (MyOperator)- One of my favourite HelloMeets event! Chirayu elaborately discussed the minutest details of Email Marketing.

Sumit Kumar Singh- Interesting event by a very interesting person where we got to learn about UPI.

Akanksha Priyadarshini (Innov8)- I was in awe of her self motivation. It was very inspiring to see her teach software engineers and product managers at this age. You go girl! :D

8. Exposure

I handled challenges, provided my own ideas and learnt a lot over a short period of time and met experts from different fields like Content Marketers, Designers and Entrepreneurs.

There was one time when we had three events on the same day and Sahiba trusted me to handle one of them alone! That gave me real confidence of handling things on my own.

HelloMeets also provided us an opportunity to learn through the workshops and interactive sessions, which teammates get to attend for free :D

9. Appreciation

To be grateful and give credits to the teammates for each and everything they contribute towards.

10. Motivation

I was constantly motivated by Sahiba to learn new things. It was because of her that I wrote this blog; I don’t write blogs. But now I think I can write more often. :P

It’s a HelloMeets tradition to write a blog before finishing the internship, why?

  1. It helps the person reflect upon their learnings.
  2. Pay gratitude to the team mates. We believe in appreciating people.

I came to this internship with an open mind and willingness to learn and I am walking away with great learnings and friends.

Hope to see you all at the future HelloMeets events.

Group photo of my first HelloMeets event

Blog credits : Bulbul Raza, Social Media & BD @HelloMeets