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This time at GrowthTalks, we’re hosting Rana Atheya, Founder & CEO, India’s most visited pet portal which was started as a community of pet owners to share experience about pet behavior.

Before founding Dogspot, Rana has performed product management roles at Indiatimes, Ibibo and Aircel. He holds his MBA in Engineering Management from Coventry University, UK.

What all will be discussed with you?
 Community building
 Team building and growing fast with small team size
 How to raise funds

Meet some of our community members excited for the GrowthTalks with Rana Atheya :)

Dipanker Bagga

I am a 2015 graduate from Delhi college of engineering. During my tenure at DCE, I have been fortunate to experience and have won the international events in Canada and Dubai. Having won almost every business/economics event in Delhi University along with my classmate Apoorv Jain, I got to recognize a side of me I would not have otherwise.

After Graduation, I worked with Bloomberg L.P. for about 6 months in their New energy finance division in New delhi. But unfortunately , the career progression I envisaged at the time of joining did not materialise as i stepped in. Having said that, my experience at Bloomberg in terms of knowledge and learning has been extremely rich and robust.

Currently I am in the process of looking forward to an impact making position in a leading startup/organisation. In the mean time , I am assisting my father in his business involving Commercial Adhesives. He is the principal supplier of a particular brand that has massive demand in the market. At this point of time , I want to make this digitialized.

With growth talks, I am hoping to learn things about how modern day companies propel their growth and also about the digitalization of businesses step by step, also about what challenges they face when they do this.

Rishabh Jaini

An engineer with a management consulting experience of almost 2 years with Bain & Co. Recently became founder of an automotive startup — PitMobil, that aims to simplify the car purchasing, selling and servicing market.

Question I want to ask Rana:

Is it important for the founder to be implementing most things himself in the nascent stage (such as product development, digital marketing, etc.) And hence learn to code or implement SEO etc.? Or is it okay to find team member with small equities to completely handle those aspects and founder only focuses on building the business model and focus on implementing himself his core strength (business development)?

Tushar Goyal

It has been quite a while for my Entrepreneurship journey. To sum up in short I have just moved to my new venture this February after signing off from my earlier Tech Outsourcing company of over 100 people. Now me with my 2 co-founders and 7 other teammates are full time focussing on our EdTech product ie MyUniversity(still mulling over product name :P)

Why I am coming to GrowthTalks?

  • First, I have been an active follower of HelloMeets, I find hellomeets is not just only about hype I really liked the way they work while focussing on vital things while keeping a low profile.

Question for Rana are-

  1. My product is a content oriented product, what things should I take care while creating, managing and publicising data.. also should I use some tools to manage content?
  2. What should be the ideal ratio of tech to content employees in a content based firm? Referring to examples like Justdial, Zomato, Inshorts etc.