We helped organize our first Speed Dating for hiring by startups event for HeadStart. Luckily we share the same office space with Arpit Agarwal who introduced us to this very interesting way for startups to hire.

Our event, Headstart Higher Delhi — May 2015 edition turned to be a great success and saw the attendance of 17 startups (UrbanClap, Oyo Rooms, FoodTalkIndia, Squadrun, Sheroes and many other awesome ones). A round robin session of one on one chats between startups and potential employees over a couple of hours was an afternoon spent well for many.

Headstart Higher Delhi May 2015 — Speed Dating for startup hiring

Here is what Konark Singhal, Cofounder and CEO, Mockbank had to say about the Headstart Higher event:

The experience was very good. As a startup, we keep a very high bar on culture fit- we want to recruit only those people who realize the challenges and opportunities of working in a startup. At the event, we did not worry much about the culture fit. It made the hiring process significantly shorter and more pleasant. My best wishes to the team.

There are 3 reasons why the speed dating format works well for hiring by startups:

  1. Developers, designers, etc often have to take leave to come for job interviews and getting hired takes so much time and effort that unless you are a branded startup (Read: Raised Series A and got covered widely in Media) future employees are hesitant to invest the time to even go through the hiring process. But at a Speed Hiring event it takes only couple of hours to know and understand which startup’s team is worth giving a shot.
  2. We believe in love at first sight or well at least you can know if you will find it nice to work with someone. Most people prefer to work with colleagues they would otherwise want to hang out with as well. And that is something that can be quickly judged in a short meeting as well. Unbelievably it is actually a top criteria for a lot of people when joining a startup. The Speed Dating format is totally aligned with this fact.
  3. Not just for potential employees but this format is also a life saver for startups. Hiring takes up much more of a startups’ time then they would like to give to it. There is so much else, including building a product, business development etc which should actually get priority for a startup. Speed Hiring helps startups save that time for the important growth activities.

Since May 2015, we have conducted 5 Jet Set Hires (rebranded from Headstart Higher) in Delhi & Bangalore.

The next one is happening at The Founders Cafe on Sunday, 13 March 2016.

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Thanks again Arpit and Headstart for introducing us to a great concept which we can now spread wider in the startup community!